Friday, December 31, 2010

A few more crafty things....

to end the year.

The last of my December projects.  I will make a point to share my December Daily in January.
Layout of the last picture of 2009 and the first picture of 2010.  Used some Elle's Studio Calendar Circles (my favorite product she designs).  Mixed with Bella Blvd Socialite.

 A card for someone special.  Just need to get that in the mail.

 Lots of Stickles....
These tags were for my pumpkin bread.  Gave some to the UPS, FEDEX and Mailman since this business drives them as insane as it does me.  And some for friends too.

 I bought this sheet of Websters pages forever ago.  I'm not a huge fan of their papers but this one caught my eye because of the house.  I love the house.  So I cut it out, backed it on more of the paper from the same sheet.  The green is layered.  Love that.  And more Stickles.  I'm on a mission to use up the 357 bottles of Stickles that I have.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gift Overload

I have one busy 3.5 year old this week.  He was on overload on Christmas morning but its all evened out now.  He has a ton of new presents to play with now and that makes me happy.  I can get about an hour of work done before he comes to find me and then I have to get him engrossed in another toy.

Sometimes I sit and play with him.
Coming down the stairs.  I love the look on his face.

This is where you can see his eyes start to twitch and he starts wondering whats going on.

He saw the Mighty Machines movie and that was it!  If you have a boy, you NEED these videos.

My mom has been hiding this for my dad for almost a year.

 Poor Rascal was hiding under the dining room table.

And the loot.

He got the beanbag from my cousin on Christmas Eve.  It ended up being a bouncing thing that he used to bounce all over the house that night.

And whenever he opened clothes he'd say 'thats not mine!' and toss it back in.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now that Christmas is over.....

Its time to put the Christmas music away.  At least until next November when I cheat an start listening to it on November 1st.

Some of the songs are registering over 400 plays in my iTunes.  Yeah.

Its time for some new stuff.  I went through some songs I already had and added some new ones.  I keep a small playlist of my favorite favorite songs.  The ones I can't go anywhere without.  The 'just in case the song on the radio stinks' or 'they're playing Carrie Underwood again' backup plan.

So whats trending on my iPod/iPhone these days?

Really loving Ray Lamontagne and Brandon Flowers.  I had no idea Brandon Flowers was the lead singer for the Killers.  Explains why I can't get enough of the songs on his new album.  Helps that he's hot too.

And that obscenity laced tribute to heartbreakers can be blamed on Cori.  The clean version just wasn't good enough, I had to go all the way.  I've changed a few words and its now a tribute to my college boyfriend.  

Throw in some Glee and I'm a happy girl.

The last week continued....

And then the rain came.

I ran some packages out to the mail man so he didn't have to make multiple trips.  This was during a light period in rain.  Sometimes it was darker and raining so hard it sounded like thunder.  5 straight days of this.

And then we prepared for Christmas with last minute decorations.

A gingerbread christmas tree.....

Some german straw stars for the tree.....
We went driving around to several neighborhoods in the area looking for lights.

One of the houses we saw had a light display tuned to a local radio station.  The lights were synced to the music so that flashed on and off and changed colors.  Nick had a hard time leaving that house.  PLUS, it had a train.

Have I mentioned that we've watch Polar Express (Polar Press) about 8,942,367 times this month?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick recap of the last week.

Nicks class did another little program for us.  They sang songs again and then we had a party.  Just like the Halloween program, he was fine until he saw us and then he started crying.
I don't think he likes being on stage - thats MY kid!
 Ms. Valorie took care of him though.

 And by the time they got to Jingle Bells and he got his jingle bells, things were looking up.
 He even sang a little.  Baby steps.
And then Santa showed up!

Each class had a little party with lots of sugar!

Santa came around to each class with treats.

The parents gave Ms. Kim her present which was a gift card bundle to all of her favorite places.  Ms. Kim is the best!

Nick with Ms. Kim.