Thursday, September 26, 2013

More layouts and a kit for sale

I recently taught a class at my LSS and I have a few kits left over.  Cost is $35 plus shipping.  You'll get the kit and some extras.  Contents are worth over $50 if purchased separately so this is a steal.  Instructions and full color photos of each page.  You get the following:

- Pink Paislee Mini Album
- Pink Paislee papers (12x12)
- Pink Paislee embellishments (full packs)
- Heidi Swapp Mist
- 3 yards of washi tape
- instructions and photos
- Misc items include flair buttons, gold sharpie, mini Glossy Accents and more.

Email me at ohmy17(at) to reserve or send Paypal payment to ohmy17(at)  Cost for the kit +Shipping is $40.  Make sure your shipping address is correct in Paypal.  Kits ship next day.

Some pictures of the kit:

And a few more projects to share.
Using up some older Echo Park.  I have a lot of Echo Park in my stash.

 And another Studio Calico kit killed.  Feels good to start using up my stuff.  I've got so much and the new stuff is taking *forever* to ship.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Excuses and projects

I have 101 excuses why I haven't posted anything recently.  All of them have to do with Back to School week and a new position at work.  Without going into details, someone was let go in my district and the District Manager hand picked me to fill in temporarily with the opportunity to apply for it.  There were a few changes within the district (people transferring or being fired) so there are people moving all over.  I am the only Assistant Manager to get promoted though.  While I'm still interim, I am the front runner for the actual position.  I signed my official 'Temp' offer letter today so that my pay grade increases while I'm 'filling in'.

This all intermingled with Back To School week which was hectic.  At the last minute, my son was given a different teacher.  It was a hard pill for us to swallow since he had been with a certain teacher all summer and with no notice at all, he was moved to the other Kindergarten teacher.  She's less organized and 'cool' but we're making strides.  The one he has been with is a Pinterest freak like me and   just crafts in general.  The other is the complete opposite and we just didn't 'click'.

My son seems to think she's okay and he hasn't resisted going to school lately so I'm guessing its going better.  He's also not in the class with his friends.  They all made the move from Early Kinder to Kinder this year and the plan was to keep them together so the few that stayed would have each other to lean on.  His entire class is new.  There have been a few behavioral issues with him because of this but I keep in close contact with the school to make sure the behavior is getting better and not worse.  I snapped some quick pictures of him on the first day before we got the bad news that he was with the 'wrong teacher'.

 They got to bring a stuffed animal on the first day to help them get through it.  He picked Shamu.

 My Pinterest sign.  I had a chance to print it out but never got around to getting a frame to put it in.  Oh well.
 Teacher gift.  This was totally personalized for the teacher we were told we were getting.  She got it.  I told her it was a thank you for the great summer.  I have yet to make anything for his actual teacher.  I don't feel bad since none of the other parents brought anything on the first day so we rolled with it.
 My boy in his uniform.  He's starting to look so old to me.  He's almost 50 inches tall!
 His new 'big boy' backpack.  He picked this one out instead of a character backpack.  I tried talking him into a Cars or Thomas one but he said he was 'an adult' now and needed an 'adult' backpack.  I'm not a cryer but that made my eyes a little wet.
 At his desk.

I've had just a few sleepless nights over the changes going on both personally and professionally.   Its a busy time at work anyway.  This has really cramped my desire to craft.  I went almost 2 weeks without even setting foot into my scrap room.  I have orders and kit club boxes piling up on my chair.  I literally threw them in there thinking I would open them the next night and never got around to it.  Now I have 4 ziploc bags with various kit clubs organized for this month AND my paper purchases from my LSS and online have been filed away in the Cropper Hopper.

I also found a small stack of layouts I completed just before the you know what hit the fan at the end of August.  I am trying to pull an old kit and work through it until its gone.  I'm still underwater with kits.  WAY too many.  I cancelled all but Cocoa Daisy now so that should help.

This was made with the February 2013 Studio Calico kit.  Love the colors in this one.

 Some hand stitching to accent that zigzag pattern.

 Paper clips and enamel dots.

Monday, September 2, 2013

One + You & Me

My son turned 6 this summer and I'm on this kick to scrap his baby pictures.  I had these taken on his first birthday at JC Penney's.  I wasn't very happy with these at the time but they've grown on me.  They just seem so dark.  I was hoping for something brighter but they used that black velvet backdrop.  Nick was learning to walk so it wasn't easy for us to keep him in line while we did this.  I vaguely remember telling the girl to 'get it over with' because it was hot in that little studio.

Oh well, thank goodness for Echo Park and their awesome paper lines.  I hoarded this one for over a year (maybe longer....) and finally scrapped them.

And then I went back to killing an older Studio Calico kit.  I seriously need to work harder at this.  They are all over my room.  The crop bags just creep out of their storage space.

Photo strip is from the OC Fair.  I believe this is the February SC Kit - the one with the stupid 'to the moon and back' stamp that everyone just had to have making this kit a hard one to snag.  But I have it and after all these months, I finally pulled it out and used it.

This is also full of hand stitching.  The Ampersand is an Amy Tan rubon that I stitched over.  The rest is just picking out parts of the maze pattern on the paper and stitching over it in coordinating colors.  After going through my floss box.....

I didn't have the colors I really wanted to use.  That prompted a trip to Michaels to get the colors and I ended up with 30 new colors.

Fun summery colors.  This addition filled up the floss box and rounds out my collection.  I think I have every color I might ever use minus the pinks and other funky colors.  Something about the line of new colors on the table makes me happy.