Friday, January 23, 2009

My Mojo Is BACK!

So glad for that. I hate sitting here in my room with all of this new product and a stack of pictures and I just can't put them together. Nothing motivates me, nothing inspires me.
Well, I found it last night. I had a couple of different layouts/projects going at a time. Here are a few I finished.
Home Sweet Home layout - New Websters Pages

Guitar Tab binder for my husband - made this so he would clean up the 3,000 Guitar magazines we have. He said he was saving them for the tablature in the back. Well, not he can tear those out and store them in here. I filled it with clear plastic page protectors. Chipboard guitar is from Riff Raff Designs. I bought this a couple of years ago and never used it. Riff Raff will be one of the new manufacturers I bring into the store this month. No, the guitar does not come painted like that. I copied a famous Eddie Van Halen guitar that my husband drools over. Hey, if I had an extra $25,000 laying around, he would have the limited edition one they released.
My Little Monster - design inspired by Carries Sketch. Finally used my coveted October Afternoon Night Light papers.And thats all I have before CHA. I'm packed and ready to go. Excited? No, of course not? Who me?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where oh where.....

has my mojo gone?

The only time I feel creative is when I can't be.

But I found it. Tonight. All of a sudden, it was there. And now I'm working on several layouts at a time.

I had a huge stack of pictures from Scrapbook Pictures that arrived a couple of weeks ago and they've been sitting. Just sitting there. Looking for the right paper and embellishments.

And tonight, they met.

I've been working so furiously tonight that there are Stickles, Pixie Stix glitter, Tim Holtz distressing inks and little scraps of paper everywhere.

I think it might be seeing all of the Sneak Peeks of the new stuff coming out. And CHA is only days away.

I'm also loving sketches right now. So versatile.

Carries sketch is calling my name. And Inspired Blueprints is always full of fun sketches.

Anyone looking for baby skates? I've been on the hunt for some in my sons size. SOOO hard to find and I finally turned to this site. Double blades but thats good enough for him to start on. AND THEN we can get him his first pair of hockey skates. But they just don't come that small and its way past time to get him on the ice!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Ribbon winners

So I heard from one of the ribbon winners and she'll be getting her ribbon. But the second winner never contacted me so I have another bag of ribbon to give away. And after sorting it out for the winners, I had enough for a THIRD bag so I'm drawing two winners today.

Post # 3 and Post #17

#3 -
Jingle said...
I am so jealous that you bought the Flip! I want one! LOL! Your ribbon stash looks wonderful!
1/08/2009 11:20 AM
Blogger is not wanting to upload photos today so I can't put the print screens here for you.

#7 -
C Trimble said...
I LOVE using ribbon on my layouts! THanks for the chance to win!
1/10/2009 8:40 AM

So shoot me an email at with your mailing address and I'll get your ribbon out to you this week!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Valentines decorations and cards

So, I'm starting my V-day creations early.

Just a few things I made this weekend.

Styrofoam cone I found at Michaels. Used various Making Memories Love Notes papers and embellishments.

Chipboard heart is by Maya Road. Its the new love keychain we just got in.

A couple of cards.
A chipboard necklace pendant. Inked and coated in Glossy Accents. Added a crystal in the corner for flair.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taking a break....

from filling orders.

I want to scrap, but I'm just too tired. I do have a few projects I managed to get done this week including some Birthday Cards and some Valentines Day projects. I'll upload those photos this weekend. I actually have 2 good friends coming over to scrap on Saturday and I expect to get a lot done. I've got some sketches I need to complete layouts for but more on that later.

So, here is my test video upload from the FLIP. Lets see how easy this is. Story behind this one is, that my son is a total ladies man. He'll flirt with anything. I can't even take him to the grocery store without him flirting with the 16 year old bagging my groceries or the older lady ringing us up. Customers behind me get tired of waiting and there are a lot of heavy sighs. And at the Kings games, any female fans behind us are totally smitten with him. This video is him hugging his girlfriend - the little girl next door. She's older. he does like older women. :) And how do you like the manly grunt after the hug? Kinda cavemanish in the sense that he's declaring her HIS woman. Does anyone else think I'm in for some hard years ahead with this one?

Also, please check the last post. I haven't heard back from the 2 ribbon winners. I sent you girls emails too! If I don't hear anything in the next couple od days, I'll pick 2 new winners!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ribbon winner and a tutorial

First, the winner. Well, two winners. I just keep finding ribbon in every drawer of my room!

Sylv and Marielle - please email me your mailing address and I will get this out to you. Enjoy your ribbon!

To comment on your comments from that post - I'm loving the FLIP. I've already uploaded a few videos and emailed them out to people. I'm going to test posting one here this week. Its the easiest thing to use!
As for the ribbon, I see ribbon used in layouts and on cards. I see this really cute ribbon when I shop and I pick it up. My problem is, I never use it. I have this aversion to actually putting it on the paper. So, I just keep collecting it. Nina said I should challenge myself to use some of it. Well, Nina, I did. Sort of. I'm in the process of making a lot of things for Valentines Day and I'm trying to use some of the new ribbon and some from my stash. See the tutorial below.
I wish I had enough to send to each one of you!

Pillow Box Tutorial
I needed a creative way to give someone a gift and I thought a pillow box would be cute!
I downloaded the templates and saved them to a folder on my PC for future use. I ended up using a medium sized one that is perfect for candy and Gift Cards.

I downloaded the template, printed and cut it out.

Then I traced the pattern onto some really cute papers. I ended up using some of the new My Minds Eye Be Merry paper. This may be Holiday paper, but some of the patterns reminded me of some cute wrapping paper.

After its traced, cut it out. You can get 4 of these out of 1 - 12x12 sheet. If you use the smallest template, you can get 6 out of a sheet.

Instead of messing around with an uneven flap hole, I used a 5/8 inch circle punch. Just punch a half circle.

Fold your paper. The suggestions on the template site say to print directly on your paper. If you do that, you may not be able to get 4 pillow boxes out of one sheet without some creative cutting. If you do print on the back, then you have the fold lines. If not, its pretty easy to see where you need to fold.

Apply adhesive on the printed side of your paper. Unless you use double sided paper. Then its the top side of your folded flap. (see picture). Seal the box.

Fold down the two ends and tie it shut with ribbon or some embroidery floss.

Now comes the fun part. Labels, tags, trinkets - something to decorate the front. I used some of the Scenic Route chipboard buttons. Inked them and added Glossy Accents to make it look like a button.

Or, use a circle punch to punch out a small piece of cardstock. Use a stamp to create a to/from tag. Here I used the new Cats Life Press To:/Love: stamp that we just got in the store. This was originally from their Christmas release, but really, you can use it for anything.

I added some Glossy Accents to the back of the circle and laid a piece of embroidery floss in it. Once its dry, you can tie it around the ribbon for a cute little tag. Of course, you can do this on a larger circle and write the names, but I thought it was cute with just the stamp image.

The possibilities are endless. You could top this with a big bow, flowers and anything else really. I was going to do something with some Maya Road chip swirls but my son must have run off with that box so maybe next time!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bad Blogger

Its been so busy around here with the big sales, making sure products get marked down, the Birthday Bash, CHA...... it just never stops!

But I'm here.
Busy, but here.

Got through Christmas and New Years. Made my husband stay up with me this year - he did it begrudgingly. Tried to get the kid to stay up too - just to get a family picture at midnight but he barely made it past 10.

Next year we'll celebrate on New York time.

So many fun things planned for the store this month and in February. I've been thinking of things to do for the store that appeal to our shoppers and I think I have a few ideas in mind.

Contests, sketches, sketch site sponsorship, kits etc. You get the idea. Just make sure you check the store blog for updates! There are going to be a lot of them this month!

I finally broke down and purchased a FLIP camera. Okay, I'm in love. Its the same size as my Ipod and I love that too. It came yesterday so I started playing around with it last night. So cute and definitely easy to use. You may be seeing my ugly mug in some CHA videos this year!
I am almost done with the December Daily - man that one kicked my butt. Trying to be creative once daily - not easy in my life. But I have a few more pictures to show you so those will be posted later. I've been trying to use my Pink Paislee Pixie Stix wherever I find a place to glitter. The snowflakes on day 9 are done using the Pixie Stix.

And I wanted to do a giveaway - maybe some of my ribbon. I have a lot of it and its scary. Scary because I rarely use it. So, who wants a pile of ribbon? It will be some of the ribbon off the hanger and some from the bag - a nice mix of colors.

Post a comment here and I'll pick a winner on Sunday. Sunday seems like a good day to give ribbon away.