Sunday, September 30, 2012


I threw this one together with the remnants of a Studio Calico kit while at the Studio Calico crop in San Diego in August.  Its was fun getting together with other women who owned every piece of SC they could get their hands on.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


When my dad came home for a visit in August, we had a little party at my cousins house.  Her oldest son was leaving for college and they hadn't seen my dad for a few months.  So they threw a little luau in their backyard.

N saw the hammock and thats where he hung out all night.  He was content swinging in the corner.  I snapped these with my phone so they aren't the best quality but it was all I had with me.

 I used more of the Echo Park Paradise Beach line.  I had scraps left from the previous layout so I cut them into banner strips and layered them.  I used the orange and white burlap string as accents.

 There are 4 layers of banner strips.
 Epiphany Crafts button making tool and Burlap string from this shop.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sweet Summertime

This picture is actually from last summer but I have some from last week that I need to scrap.

I love Echo Park.  Pretty much every line they put out, I must have.  Their summer line this year was no exception.  Its called Paradise Beach and most people would say thats where we live.  The colors just matched so perfectly.

 This is based off a Page Maps sketch.
 All paper elements are from the Echo Park line.  The flair is from Shelley's shop of course and the crocheted star was from Etsy.  I bought several of them in different colors a couple of years ago and can't remember where I got them.  The *You Are Here stamp is from Elise Blaha.  You can see a little bit of the striped ribbon from the shop in there as well.  Just added a cool layer.
 I haven't pulled out the Glossy Accents in a while and this paper was begging for something.  The background is picture ready but it needed a pop.  So I added GA to the surfer profile at the bottom, the surfboard by the picture and the sticker letters in my title.
Flair in the title.

I've been on a creative roll lately so expect a lot of posts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Two weeks in a row!
I finally got this corner figured out.  My son's little table was here but he moved it out into his play area a couple of weeks ago.  So all of the 'stuff' hiding underneath was just sitting there.  After a trip to Ikea for a 2x2 Expedit I got it all cleaned up.  The two black boxes in the top cubes are the ribbons for the Stringery Shop.  I've got them all contained in those big boxes which is nice.  All by color.
I moved my box of twine and the store supply of twine to the top shelf.  By moving that stuff off my actual desk it freed up some space.
 And these little bowls moved too.  I picked these up at Crate & Barrel a couple of months ago to hold all of my Studio Calico veneer and my TwoGirlz tags from Etsy.  Sadly her shop is closed now but I have a nice little stash.

If you want to play along, start at Julia's blog.

Monday, September 24, 2012

At the Pool

Before I used up my scraps to make the cards posted yesterday, I made this layout.  It was time to finish this paper line and retire it.  (I put anything decent into the 'for sale' pile.  I make up boxes of product from time to time and sell them.  I always have at least one box for sale because I constantly clean out this room.)

I snuck in some {flair} too.  Bakers Twine is Caribbean and can be found in the Stringery Shop.  Chevron ribbon is also from the shop.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A few cards

Its been a long time since I got a box together for Operation Write Home.  I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I have Mothers and Fathers Day cards that I never sent.  I got busy looking for a job and eventually starting a new job that I never got enough together to send a box.

I've had a recent jump in creativity and I pulled together almost 100 cards (some old, some new) to send off to OWH.

Some of the last batch I added to the box.

Papers are all remnants from the Echo Park Summer line from last summer.  Stamps are new from Hero Arts/Studio Calico.  I made some with the many sun flair buttons I have and some with an Epiphany Crafts button.  The bottoms have the burlap string from the Stringery shop.

If you're a card maker, OWH is always looking for cards.  If you aren't a card maker, you can always help with a donation for shipping.  The shippers have to pay for shipping and I know they are always needing donations to cover that.  With each box I ship, I send in a donation to cover shipping a box to the troops.

Cards were all based off this card idea I found on Pinterest:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of Summer

Here in Southern California, Summer is really just beginning.  Sadly.  Its my least favorite season and it lasts for what seems like forever.  Its been 100 degrees or more lately and we live about 5 miles from the beach.

The other day it just got to be too much.  We were stuck in the house with the air on trying to stay cool and we all got antsy.  We decided to make a last minute run down to the beach to see if it was any cooler and for N to run off some energy.  He needs at least an hour outside a day and with the heat, he wasn't getting that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I finally finished them.  The Halloween Party Invites.

Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor.  I love this line like I love every one of their lines.

 The skeleton is one of the diecut stickers in the line but I used the Silhouette Print & Cut file and then sprayed him with new Glitter Dust from Therm-o-web.
 You can see the Glitter Dust in action here.
 Some Studio Calico veneer stars with black diamond stickles.
 The alpha sticker sheet in this collection comes with a bunch of words.  I used them to make the important words pop on the actual invite.

Finally, the envelopes.  These are leftover from another project and were purchased at Paper Source.  The address labels are one of the journaling cards cut from the 12x12 sheet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Its been a long time since I did this but here's my desk:

 That pile is my unfinished projects.  I'm slowly finishing them and getting them posted here.
 My new washi stand.  I get about 2 new rolls a week so the overflow is in my spinning rack.

 Halloween Party invites.  Very excited to get these finished.
Some Studio Calico veneer stars.  I have enough of these to probably wallpaper a wall in my room.  I love them.
If you want to play along, check out Julia's blog.