Thursday, January 31, 2013


I was very lazy at the crop last weekend.  I was tired after the excitement of the game and the driving.

Add in the jello shots and you have one tired cropper.

I did get two layouts finished in the 36 hours I was there.  Not a lot but I had fun just being with friends.

Here's one of the layouts.  I used the Studio Calico January kit.

Looking to add to your stash?  I'm selling mine off!  I've got tons of product that I'm selling.  View the items and prices on Flickr.  Email me at ohmy17(at) if you're interested.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hockey is back.

Its been a very long 4 months but my favorite sport is back.  This was a special year since my boys won the Stanley Cup.  The fans have been waiting to celebrate and raise our banner.  On January 19th, we got to do just that.

Staples Center was all decked out in Stanley Cup gear.  Reminded me so much of last June
 My friend and I.  We've been friends since freshman year in High School.  Kings fans a lot longer.  So glad we've stuck together all these years and were able to celebrate together.
 View from the seats of warm ups.
The new banner placement.  They used to be plastered against the wall with the Lakers (ugh) stuff but the staff brought them to the rafters this year.  Like any good hockey arena, the banners and retired jerseys hang from the rafters.  Leave the stupid basketball stuff on the walls.  ;)
 Bob and Jim are back!  Missed them.  Got stuck with NBC during the playoffs last year.
 The ring ceremony.  Each player was called out one by one to get his ring.
 After a slight delay from NBC (gag...sigh) the show went on.
 Then they lined the players up along the boards all around the ice.  The Stanley Cup was brought down once more and passed from player to player around the ice.  It was an awesome moment.

 And then the banner was brought out.  They had a family from Sandy Hook Elementary that lost their daughter bring it out.  Not a dry eye in the place.
 The players skated it to the other end where it was hoisted to the rafters.  Now, our seats were perfect seeing as how the other banners were literally over our heads.  We thought we would be in prime position for the raising until they took it to the other end.  After the game, they moved the banner to its final home which guessed it.  The spot right over our seats.  Grrrr.  Oh well.  I snagged this photo from Yahoo Sports because it was the best one of the day.
I love this view of them all looking up at the banner.
 Anthem time = game time.  Pia Toscano sings the anthem.  Shes a former American Idol finalist who likes to embellish a bit.  We were all restless at this point and just wanted to see the puck drop.
 Pre game video and a crowd full of light sticks.
 I don't know why but the green lasers always make me think 'pew! pew!  pew!' like a laser gun.
 Bailey - our mascot - was all over the crowd that afternoon and even though we lost, the atmosphere was still special.
Afterwards, I headed to a friends house to crop.  My group of friends hadn't been together in forever it seems and we started planning the crop in November.  Then hockey came back and wouldn't you know it, the opener was scheduled for the same day as the crop.  So I rushed all over to get to the game and the crop.  I was exhausted and the picture of my jello shots is the only picture I took at the crop.  Sad. 

And I am still cleaning out my room.  I have so much I'm getting rid of.  If you're interested, I have it all listed with prices on Flickr.  Email me at ohmy17(at) to purchase anything. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stop, reverse that.......

I love that line from Willy Wonka.

To give myself a break from Christmas, I worked on the Halloween mini.  I had plans for the holidays. I had my cards ready early (before Thanksgiving), my holiday recipes planned, decorations ready to throw up.  I was ready.  I was going to get it all done early this year and then sit back and enjoy life a little.

Working OT, getting sick and having the holidays pretty much pass you by wasn't my intention.  I had kits made so I could pop out pages and projects.

This was one of them and it didn't get started until my day off last week.  N went back to school and I had two full days to myself to do whatever I wanted.  For the first time in over a month, I felt like being crafty.

And this is the result:

The album itself is one of the original mini's October Afternoon produced.  I've been holding on to them forever.  Paper line is all October Afternoon.  Ribbon is from The Stringery Shop.  Veneer stars are from Studio Calico.  I added black Stickles.

This book covers all of October.  Our first stop is always the Pumpkin Patch.  Each year, they put out a Groupon for a night of fun.  It includes rides, games and pumpkin discounts.  We usually hit the patch up at least twice every season but the first time is always the best!  I have a picture from the last five years with N in front of the 'How Tall This Fall?' sign.
We end the night by filling up a wagon with pumpkins.  All flair is from a {flair} for buttons.   Veneer leaves and apples are from Studio Calico.  I misted them and then added Glossy Accents.  
Our trip to Apple Country.

 Our second annual Halloween Party.

 The school party.

 My little 'gansta'.  Thats what he called himself.  When he talks, he sounds like he's from Boston.

I still have stuff for sale HERE.  Let me know if you're interested in anything.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Graphic Card

I am not a card maker.  For some reason I just don't visualize that canvas very well.

I needed a masculine card with a hockey focused phrase on it to use my *new* flair set from a {flair} for buttons.  Shelley is awesome.  She designed these hockey themed buttons at my request and they are now available in the shop.  Yay!

Its not the greatest but my friend loved it.

'Birthdays don't scare me, I'm a goalie'

Took me a while to find the right sentiment and a phrase where I could incorporate the goalie mask.  Yes, my friend is a goalie so this was perfect for him.  I tried to keep with the graphic feel of the paper (Fancy Pants) by adding the October Afternoon alphas along the pattern.  Splatters are the Heidi Swapp mists that just came out.  No one else has the right combination of purple, silver and black like her mists.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

December Daily Part 1

I split this up into multiple posts.  I didn't want to overwhelm you and its not finished yet.  I'm still adding in the last couple of days and the last bit of embellishments and journaling.  I start my DD in November when our elf arrives.  Its not really a true December Daily but more of an 'adventures of Ziggy the Elf'.

I started this back in December and then didn't touch it for the rest of the month.

The cover.  I used a Simple Stories Sn@p album in teal.  The felt snowflake is from Target.  The mini veneer letters are from the Studio Calico DD kit.  2012 flair is from a {flair} for buttons and the twine is from the Stringery Shop.  In fact any string/ribbon and any flair buttons you see are from these shops.
I love the divided pages.  I can add in as many or as little photos as I want for the day.  Ziggy arrived the morning after Thanksgiving bringing a Thomas the Train Christmas set for under the tree.  We also began decorating the house.

 This year N wanted to help hang the lights.  With careful supervision and someone holding the ladder and his legs, he got to hang the lights outside.   Ziggy brought two new ornaments for the tree too!

 Someone got a little excited to see the new ornaments and he may have touched the elf in order to get to said ornaments.  This causes your elf to lose his 'magic'.  So Ziggy was down for the count the next day.  Tag is from Chic Tags and the word 'elf' is cut from American Crafts POW glitter paper and my Silhouette.
 And then we have the *NEW* flair from the a {flair} for buttons shop.  The Elf of the Shelf flair.
 Most papers and embellishments are from the Studio Calico DD kit or the 25 Days class.  I have a TON left over from this kit and will be listing it for sale soon.  *See below*
 Stamps are from Elle's Studio.  Journaling tag is from the Studio Calico printables for the DD kit.

I love the printables from this kit so much that I printed out 3 copies of them!  All number tags are from Chic Tags.
Thats enough for now.  I'm so over the holidays at this point that I can barely look at this album anymore let alone finish it up.

I diverted my energy to cleaning my room out.  I have WAY too much stuff and I realized that I will never, ever be able to use it all.  I've put myself on a bit of a spending freeze for the first part of 2013 - don't worry, I'll never be able to stick to it.  I've been busy pinning my favorite new products and making my usual shopping list.  I will be more selective when shopping though.

Want a piece of the pie?  I've got all of my paper and embellishments up for sale HERE.  If you want them, the prices are all listed.  Paypal and contact email is BMW1367(at)gmail(dot) com.  Let me know what box you want and it will ship out as soon as payment is made.  Most boxes are $32.  Thats $20 for the product and $12 for the flat rate shipping.  I ship out USPS Priority.  Prices are all US.  If you are international its still $20 for the box but shipping will be higher.  I've got stamp sets and other things for sale as well.  I will be listing more items in January but I ran out of time to clean.  These boxes are full of products.  Paper, stickers, brads.... whatever you see in the photo and more!  Some boxes have over $100 in product in them.

Monday, January 7, 2013


eating  Ju Ju Hearts
drinking  water
watching  Smallville Season 1
listening  the the sound of the fans drying out our drywall (had to replace our water heater this week)
loving  that I'm slowly getting strength back and can stay up past 8 pm
enjoying spending time in my scrapbook room again
wanting a full day to myself
needing  to clean this house
feeling tired but content
preparing  for a busy couple of weeks
thinking  about the upcoming, abbreviated hockey season
searching for a few more hours in the day
 a Halloween mini and a December Daily

Haven't done this for a while and its a great space holder for now.  I lost my crafty mojo in December and I've just now found it.  I've got a nice little pile of stuff to share and it feels good.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apologies for the silence

I've been sick.  Really sick.  The kind of sick where you wish the Mayans were right on 12/21.

But I'm on the upswing.  Its only been 10 days now but who's counting?

I had a lot of time in bed to make lists of things to do.  One of them was to clean out my room.  I have too much stuff and for the first time in a while, I felt like chucking all of it.

I ended up cleaning out every corner of the room and getting rid of at least half of what I have in here.  Thats 18 inches of paper alone.  Countless embellishments and other random bits like extra mists, stamp sets and whatever else I just had to have.  It all needs a good home.

I'm slowly listing things on Flickr.  Prices and shipping are listed for each item.  I upload a few things every couple of days so keep checking back.

Maybe this major cleanup will spark my mojo.  I haven't really made anything for a while.  My December Daily sits at Day 3 (how sad is that?)

I still have more cleaning to do.  There is one corner in here I haven't touched yet that needs a good purge.