Monday, November 30, 2009

Making some changes.....

That will give me more time to be creative. More time with my family. More time for ME.

2010 is MY year. I am NOT closing the store so no worries there! As long as everyone loves my shop, it will stay open!

In fact 2010 is going to be an AWESOME year for YSS as well.

The excitement starts this December but I can't say anything yet. My lips are sealed. But I'm so excited for whats coming.

So, I promise to post more scrap stuff in the coming months. I actually got a TON of stuff finished at a recent weekend retreat to this FABULOUS place and I will be posting it. Eventually. When I get off my lazy butt and get some pictures of it all.

Monday, November 16, 2009

At the moment.....

I'm loving the following.....

Can't wait to see this......

Every Wednesday night....

Even when they lose, they're still pretty exciting to watch.
Every Thursday is date night with Paul Wesley

Monday, November 2, 2009

Just a few pictures....

Luc Robitaille at Stu Nahans Hollywood Walk of Fame induction - we were dicussing Nicks draft by the Kings in 2026.
Jack ;MF' Johnson on Draft Day.  8 months pregnant and the hottest day of the year.  Don't I look lovely?
Luc Robitaille the night his jersey was retired at Staples.  My awesome ticket rep got me and a friend on the ice for the ceremony.
Mom and Brian before the ceremony.
Bob Miller - voice of the Kings
Matty Norstrom or if you're a Mighty Sucks fan (Matty Nordstom)
Sexy Sopel

Anze Kopitar
Jason and Luc Robitaille - Lucs last game.


Jason (again!)
Dustin Brown and Cammy
Me and Carly with Jeremy Roenick.  Before he went weird.
Oh look, Jason! And the Kings mobile
Luc and the Kingsmobile.
The Kings mobile!
Who is that?  :)
Lubo and Nick.
Matt Johnson