Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I'm the instant gratification type of person.  I don't like to wait, I don't like surprises.  You know Christmas was hard for me as a kid right?  My mom used to have the best hiding places for my presents.  I wasn't allowed in our garage once and I swore I was getting a mini fridge for my bedroom.  I swore.  So when the really expensive white wicker bookshelf showed up, I was pretty bummed.  Don't get me wrong, I loved that bookshelf and it held all of my precious books, but man, I wanted that mini fridge.

I had to wait until I got to college for one of those suckers.  It was my prized possession for 4 years.

Anyway, the waiting part.  So right now, I'm waiting on my house.  We thought we'd be moved in and partially settled at this point in the month but we're still waiting.  Underwriting was a bear to deal with (if you're in underwriting, I'm sorry) and then escrow.  I will say that my husband and I have dropped some serious 4 letter words in the past few weeks.  Every time they ask us for something new or have a question on something so dang obvious, it make me so mad I could spit nails.

The day after.  I scheduled that week off a long time ago but it was to relax.  Now I'll be moving.  The sad part is, we were given the green light about 6 times by underwriting (grrrrr) and we started packing.  I figured the first and easiest place would by my craft room.  First packed, first unpacked, right?  Wink Wink.

No.  Its all still packed.  That washi tape I need for that last minute project for school?  Packed.  My mist?  Packed.  December Daily materials?  Packed.  Grrrrrr.

I actually unpacked two boxes last weekend because I couldn't stand it anymore.  I actually unpacked before the move.  With all the stress I haven't felt much like crafting but the bug hit and I had to do something.

I threw together this simple tag.  Our elf has been quite active this month and I've got the pictures ready to go.  Tonight he brought a tree.  A small tree.  I wasn't up to anything more and I really don't have the room since the house is full of boxes!  I contemplated building a box tree.  You know, stacked boxes in the shape of a tree.  Yeah.  I'm sad.  I was going to put a string of lights around it too.  

Features a stamp from the Kelly Purkey set from SSS and flair from a {flair} for buttons.  There are a ton of new sets in the shop to chose from.  I've got a few sets ready for the DD book when it goes together.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Project Life - Coming from Behind

So, I just finished February.  I realize November is over but I said I would stick with the project this year and I have.

February is done and March is in the works.  Aprils pictures are on their way from Persnickety Prints.  At the rate I'm going I could be caught up by the end of the year!

Just wanted to share the pages for February/March before I forget.

 These are a mix of products on hand and the Studio Calico PL kits.  I have a few months of kits before I cut that subscription.
 Sequins.  I have some in every color and this might be the first I've used.  I'm planning on changing that.
 Washi tape.  I sold off most of it last month but kept the stuff that I really like.  The aqua and yellow chevron were perfect.  This seahorse was my son's favorite animal as a baby.  Its the new Glo Worm I guess.  The Glo Worm was discontinued due to safety hazards.  We had three of these seahorses because he needed one wherever he went.  We lost one and at one point, we thought he'd never nap again.  After a late night trip to Target we found one.  Actually 3 of them and bought all 3.  He had one at home, one at grandma's and one at daycare for nap time.

When I found this tucked under his bed I almost cried.  He's not a little baby anymore.
 Hockey practice.
 Using another dusty tool.  My Silhouette.  I cut the US and Canada maps from kraft cardstock, using Studio Calico veneer stars and some solid Baker's Twine to draw our flight patch for the trip to Calgary.  I used all plain 4x6 PL cards along with tags from Chic Tags.

 He really said that too.  A little backstory.  A year prior, we took my son to Canada for the first time.  He couldn't skate.  A poor California boy with a new pair of skates and a desire to learn.  Cousin Bryce helped us out and got him going.  A year later, the student returns to Calgary and challenges the teacher.  The teacher couldn't keep up with him as they whizzed around the outdoor rink.
 Driving to Banff.  Probably the one place I'll miss the most now that my dad is home.  More Chic Tags.

 Crave Cupcakes.  My favorite.  Some of the*best* frosting every.  Said that they are only in Canada.
 Valentines Day.  We went out to dinner at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor and then home.  G&G gave you the annual See's Candy box (a 60 year tradition).  Then you got to play with your new lego set.

 Once I finished February, I promised myself to take it easy going forward.  I think I overthink PL and try to get creative.  I've got three PL kits on top of all the extras I've bought (Studio Calico kits, PL mini kits, Elle's Studio tags, Chic Tags etc).  I'll never be able to use it all up.  I will be clearing out the overstock at some point and selling that off.
 Some of my new favorite letters - SN@P letters from Simple Stories.

Elise Blaha PL kit.  LOVED the colors and patterns in this one.  Had to have it but never opened it until now.


Where did October go?  No, really.  Where did it go?

I thought I had a firm grip on things and then the next thing I knew my kid was dragging me through the dark streets of our neighborhood begging for treats.

And now Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Ack!

Our move is looming as well.  Inspections are done. Checks are written.  Escrow papers signed.  Now... we wait.  Escrow is a long process and it sucks.  We do not have a date *yet* as to when we close but their goal is sometime right before Thanksgiving.  I would love to get the move over with because December is very busy for my company.  I work for Fedex and December is all about shipping.

I will be exhausted for most of the month but I managed to get the week off between Christmas and New Years so I will be enjoying some time off after the rush.  I'm looking forward to settling into the new place more during that week and maybe, just maybe, I'll have the scrapbook supplies unpacked and there will be a little time for that.

For now, here is a recap of October in (unedited) photos.

 Introducing, your newest Fedex employee.  One of the drivers at work got N this hat.  He's been playing Fedex man for 2 weeks now.
 Rascal turned 13!
 We had our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party.
 N made the cupcakes.

 7 layer dip
 Spider dip
 Fall snack mix (popcorn, candy corn, M&M's, pretzels and Halloween marshmallows)
 Halloween punch with a zombie face.
 My dad was in charge of cleaning all pumpkins out.  I bought him the super scooper which is the best tool ever.
 Everyone hard at work.
 He completed his own this year and did an amazing job!

 The second one from the left is N's, the one with the sickle sticking out.

 N won the contest (of course!)
 My little skeleton.  He's growing up.  This year we transitioned from cute costume to scary one.
Trunk or treat at the school.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

December Daily (aka the Gettin' Jiggy with Ziggy album)

I learned after 4 failed attempts at a DD that I wasn't cut out for it.  For the past 2 years I've completed a mini album with photographic evidence of the escapades our Elf on the Shelf gets into.  Our Elf is named Ziggy.

My son looks forward to Ziggy's visit and the album that follows.  It always goes to school on share day so his friends can see what his Elf was up too.

I also enjoy scouring the interwebz looking for fun, new 'activities' Ziggy can entertain himself with while he visits us.  We have some recurring favorites like the underwear hanging from the tree or mantle, marshmallow fights and other fun stuff.

Ziggy also brings back *small* gifts for N during the month.  *Small* meaning an advent calendar or a treat.  Its kind of a way to tide the kid over until Santa comes on Christmas Eve.  This year, I stole an idea I read about on someone's blog.  Ziggy will be bringing N the Lego Advent Calendar on his first night (Thanksgiving night).  He has that small thing to look forward too each day.  In addition, I purchased a larger Lego set and am breaking it down into pieces for N to complete.  It will take him a month to put it together.  Each night, Ziggy will bring one sheet of instructions and a few pieces of the set for him to build.  By Christmas, he will have a completed Lego set.

N loves the whole elf thing.  Mom loves documenting it for him.  Each year, I put together my own kit. Sometimes its a kit I purchase from a club with a bunch of my own things mixed in, or sometimes its stuff I've pulled together.  This year, I ordered 2 of everything from Veronica at Chic Tags.  LOVE love LOVE the holiday line.  Good Tidings.  LOVE.

 October Afternoon washi tape.
 Simple Stories SN@P album.

 An assortment of goodies from Crate Paper, Websters Pages, Studio Calico and October Afternoon.
 A closeup of the goodies from October Afternoon, Studio Calico and Chic Tags.
 Hello cutables!  Cute-ables is more like it.
 GOLD rubons.  I don't know why, but I'm hooked on gold this year.  I'm totally a silver girl.

 More gold.  These are from the Good Tidings line from Chic Tags.
 American Crafts Thickers.  GOLD Thickers.  Hello!
 Chic Tags, Studio Calico, October Afternoon, Pink Paislee, American Crafts.........
 Some of the awesome papers from Chic Tags.   Some of them have gold foil details.
 Transparencies.  Hambly transparencies.  Yes, I've been hoarding these but I've made a resolution to use them this year.  My new space will be smaller and that means use it or lose it!

 Even a little KI Memories vintage in there.

I cannot wait to see how this one turns out.  I've been making a list of things Ziggy will be doing from 11/28-12/24.  Its easier when you have a plan.  When you're exhausted from work and being a mom, you just look at your list and pick something.

This project is the *perfect* thing to keep out during the move.  I can keep a few supplies with me while I unpack and set up the new scrap space.  I never pressure myself to get this completed in December either.  This is totally a January project.  I start it in December and finish it after the holidays.

ETA:  Since I wrote this, I added a few more things to the kit.

First, the December Limited Edition kit from Chic Tags.

And some flair from a {flair} for buttons Etsy shop.