Monday, February 29, 2016

Current Projects

I'm staying crafty by working on cards and small projects.  I'm holding off on any kind of scrapbooking for right now since it seems like a major undertaking.  I haven't printed photos in forever and while they're organized, I just don't have the energy to go through them and try to match them up to paper and embellishments.

I'm opting for some easier projects now.

Like more paper dolls.  I *love* the Julie Nutting stamps.

And these awesome little 2x2x2 boxes from Stamping' Up.  I decorate and match them up to whatever event is going on.  I have some Valentines themed ones last month.  This month, I'm working on some for a Knit Guild Tea my mom is putting on in May.  I love how these turned out.

Each box will have a tea bag, a tea light and a metal charm related to knitting.  My mom ordered some silver teapot charms that will hang from the bow.  The knitting buttons you see are all available in the A (Flair) for Buttons Etsy shop.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

I wish I could say I was dreaming......

of Summer, but I'm not.  Living in the land of perpetual summer, I dream of a change of seasons.  Since the weather here allows us to be poolside or outdoors year round, this becomes the focus of most of my layouts.

I fell in love with the Simple Stories Summer Vibes line last summer and I bought at least 2 of every paper and embellishment.  I completed a mini album and several layouts and cards.  I'm down to the last bits and pieces of the line.

Flair buttons are all available in the A Flair For Buttons Etsy Shop!  My current favorite set is:

I've been super busy trying to fulfill my 2016 resolution which is to craft more.  I've been knee deep in Stamping' Up orders and making cards.  My next post will be all about my ink storage.

I'm also cleaning out the craft room again because there is just too much in here that I don't use.  I feel like I'm bogged down with extra supplies - you know the ones.  You had to have them, you hoarded them and now, years later I still can't use them.  I'm unloading the good stuff on Ebay.