Monday, January 20, 2014

I think I'm back

That was a longer hiatus than I expected.  Between work, the move and the holidays, I don't even remember December.  I have pictures so I know it took place and I was there.  Its a good thing I have my phone because that was the only thing that documented that month.

I have sent the pictures off to Persnickety Prints for printing and I'm waiting (im)patiently for them to arrive. (stupid holiday and no mail......).  I have my December Daily supplies in their box waiting for pictures.  I did get  my DD cover done before the move and that was the last time I made anything.

Yikes.  Has it really been almost 2 months?  Maybe longer.  I don't really remember when I finished the cover.

My room is all set up and I'm almost ready to share pictures.  Its much smaller than the last one but I like it that way.   I have permanent furniture now not a folding table.  Its closer to the living area and its open.  So I still feel like I'm part of the family but I have my own little corner.  Its  nice.

Sorting through everything and spending one full day at CHA has sparked the creativity.  I've spent the past few days just sitting in the room and looking at everything.  I haven't made anything yet, but I'm close.

I promise to share my first creation here as soon as its done.