Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Layouts with {flair)

One of the things I missed most in the many months I didn't have time to scrap was my room full of fun product.  I hand pick everything based on what I like.  As just like I haven't had time to scrap, I haven't had much time to actually purchase new items.

With 2 Peas closing, I didn't have a place to really shop.  Their product selection dropped these past few months so I relied on kits.  I subscribe to Studio Calico (again), Cocoa Daisy and Scraptastic.  All of them feature my favorite lines, exclusive stamp designs and the ability to add on extra kits to beef up the main kit.  I can also just get the main kit if nothing else appeals to me.  And thats fine with me.  There is always something in there I will use.

Getting back into it this past weekend, I dug into past kits.  It was time to start using them up.  I don't even remember their names and most of them are a mystery as to who I got them from unless there is a stamp set in there to identify.

This first one is Cocoa Daisy from last year (I think).  Very simple.  I printed an 8x12 photo at Costco from our trip to Talinn, Estonia.  Gorgeous city!

 The Studio Calico adventure overlay, a {flair} for buttons flair and travel related papers.  I made my own Instax looking print for the bottom photo.
 Overall, a very simple layout but it was the perfect gateway to more interesting layouts.... like this one.
 I'm still working on the tons of photos I have from our trip to Cancun in 2003.  Thats us in front of Chichen-Itza.  I journaled on the card in the glassine envelope about my trip up the stairs.  I got almost all the way up and then made the mistake of looking down at my husband.  I realized I had to get down all those steps too.

It took a while and I came down on my butt (the rope and chain were being used) and I was exhausted after.  My thighs hurt for days but it was so worth it.  I wish I had been brave enough to make it to the top and actually get my camera out of my pocket for photos.....
 This was an older Cocoa Daisy kit using a lot of Studio Calico retail lines.  I added the {flair} geotag.

Expect more from this blog over the next few months.  The last time I went through a drought due to work, I came back strong and crafted every weekend for months.  I've already got layouts in the planning stages, sketches laying around and my Pinterest boards are flowing.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is he really 7?

Its hard for me to believe its been 7 years.

 Just a few hours old.

2008 - First Birthday

2009 - Second Birthday

2010 - Third Birthday

2011 - Fourth Birthday
Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour

2012 - Fifth Birthday
At our local rink.  The Kings won the Stanley Cup this year so I had the mascot come to the party to celebrate with us.

2013 - Sixth Birthday

2014 -

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I have many reasons why I haven't posted anything since April 30th this year but we won't get into them.  They all fall under that 'life gets in the way' tab that involves work, traveling for work, another promotion and responsibility added to my daily tasks added by my manager.  All 'good' things but things that zap my energy and cause me to walk through the door at night exhausted and ready for bed. Instead of putting my almost 7 year old to bed, he's putting me to bed.  Sad.

I'm emerging from this difficult few months now.  This past Saturday, we celebrated my son's 7th birthday.  We had a small pool party at the local waterpark -  our favorite spot on the one day we all get to be together each week.  We typically get there right when it opens at 9 am and stay til 2-3pm.  I pack a lunch and snacks and we camp out.  His party was the last 'big' thing I had to do which means the next 6 weeks are pretty carefree and I am looking forward to that.

Some pictures from the party....
 Party favors.  I filled mini buckets from Party City with Shark tooth candy necklaces, sunglasses, gummy sharks and other treats.

 The food table.  We used larger buckets to hold chips and snacks.  We had surfboard shaped sandwiches (which I forgot to take pictures of....)

 Buckets of snack like pretzel rods and fish crackers.  I found the ideas on Pinterest to name the food after things like the pretzel rods were 'driftwood'.  Of course, I forgot to bring the labels with  me.  I had a cute set I purchased off Etsy and barely used it.  Time got the best of me.
 Our waterpark.  We love this place.  We spend every Sunday here.
And this is why we love it so much.  The big bucket that spills water.
 My 7 year old.  Its crazy to think he's 7.
 He was in the water already when his friends showed up.  They jumped right in and had a blast!

 Even Grandma got in on the action!
 Lunch time.
Shark jello.  This was a big hit.
 He was mad because I wouldn't let the boys shoot each other in the face with water guns.
 Goggle face...
 They had 10 minute safety breaks every hour to make sure all kids are accounted.  We quickly fed them lunch during the safety break so that they could head back out.  The whistle blew to announce the safety break was over and they all tried to escape.
 After the pool party, we headed back to our house for the family party.  My Grandmother has a tradition of birthday spanks.  One for each year.  This was the first year he let her spank him.

Sadly, it was so humid yesterday the frosting melted right off the cupcakes.  I threw a candle on one and we sang really fast.
After the party, he got to get the BIG Lego set out to build.  He'd been dying to do this all day but the house was crazy.

His real birthday is tomorrow and I have my sentimental post all set up.