Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We're #1!!!

Well, the Kings fans in general are #1, according to the Hockey News 2006-07 Yearbook.
Yep, of the top 5 things every hockey fan should experience before they die, partying with the Kings fans is #1. Wow.

Don't believe me, here it is in black and white (with a little purple and silver for flavor)!

Go Kings Go!

Is it almost that time? Yes it is. Hockey season is creeping up on us. Slowly creeping up. So I finally finished the book for my friend Brian. I like his better than mine. I managed to find an actual patch from a jersey on ebay (love that place sometimes) and glued it to the cover. makes it look more official. Inside is plain purple and silver photo mats cut to fit mostly 4x6 pics and some other sizes. My second favorite page is the first page - dedicated to Luc Robitaille - the King of Kings.

Speaking of Luc, I just received an email from the Kings that they'll be retiring Luc's jersey on January 20th. Its a game against the Coyotes, which means that whiney biatch Gretzky will be there. He better not try to hone in on Luc's night. So, I'll be wearing that 2005-06 Season Ticket holder Luc jersey one more time before its retired. Okay, I'll wear it once more when he's inducted into the Hall of Fame and THEN I'll retire it.

As for the 2 peas Blog question for this morning:
What do you look forward too during the middle of the week?

I look forward to the weekend. Especially when I have fun things planned. I have a class this Friday night at the Scrapbok Oasis in Irvine with Kelli Crowe. Two classes actually. And then Saturday, I'll be driving down to the Pink Pineapple for a class with Michelle Hill (Yes, I follow her everywhere I love her classes.) I'm dragging my lucky mother along to both of these. Pictures to follow......

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Altered letters.

I love these things. Just finished my 'e' that I ordered from

Heidi Swapp paint (brown) and Little Davis designs cream colored paint. I think I used the LDD Marmalade font foam stamps to stamp my name. Outlined my name with LDD Glitter Glaze. Crystal in the center of the stamped flower.

Flowers are mixture of Bazzill blossoms and HS Flowers. Coated them with glitter glaze and attached with a MM jewel brad. I'm thinking it needs a little more, but not sure what else to add.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sitting here in Salt Lake......

....just waiting for the stores to open. That's right. I'm going exploring today before I fly home. I heard there are some amazing scrap stores here and I intend to find some of them. Now that I've figured out the way the streets are organized, I might be able to find them. It only took me 3 days to figure it out, but the next time I come back, I'm prepared.

Before I left, I had a chance to renew my season seats and possibly pick out new ones. Since nothing was available in my section that was better than what I had, I started looking elswhere. I found that section 106 had some decent seats. My husband wasn't too excited about the extra money, but he said to go for it. My mother is excited and has made it very clear that she'll go to any game. :)


this is the view from my seat. Row 14 Seats 1 and 2. Sorry for the dark pictures, but they had the lights off in there and it was hard to get a better picture.

A couple more pictures from the locker room tour etc:

They have all kinds of pictures from the history of the team hanging on the walls as you walk in. This was my favorite. The 1993 team that went to the Finals. This has to be the best season in Kings history. I remember how excited I was!

The locker room. I think that lonely seat in the corner is Sean Avery's time out seat. :) I would love to know where Jason Labarbera sat...

The view from the bench. This is what the players see when they look up at the Jumbotron. Nothing like getting a players perspective.

Okay, I'm off to find those stores!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My room is clean and organized. I finally have the proper paper storage. It took two of them, but the paper racks from Target fit perfectly in the corner and now sort out my paper by brand. Still labeling everything. I reorganized my Bazzill cardstock too. No more 'collections', its all soted by color. All of my chipboard fills up one very LARGE drawer. I never imagined I had that much chipboard, but apparantly I do. Better stop buying it......

For someones post on 2 peas, you can sort of see my ribbon storage in this picture. Its two dowels hung across the desk. My dad hung something to support them in the middle since they were so heavy. I made this entire desk out of closet organizers from Target and Lowes. Just the cubes and drawers with a piece of matching laminate 8 feet long x 48 inches wide for the desk. Then I stacked more cubes on top. My dad drilled two holes on each side and we stuck the dowels through. The book case in the background in gone and was replaced with an Expedit bookcase from Ikea this weekend.

Bazzill by color. If I felt like wasting more time, I would have actually sorted based on the Bazzill sample thing, but I wanted time to scrap this weekend.

Remember that chipboard drawer I told you about? Well its that bottom one. The big white one. Yep, its full of chipboard. Lots of it. Rows and rows of it. Boxes of it. Apparantly I'm obsessed with chipboard.

But my room is clean and organized. I know where everything is and I got three major projects done this weekend.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Long week.

It's hard to be away from home for so many days. You get nothing done. I spent the entire week communting from a hotel room by the beach. Sounds nice, except for the fact that we were never really down there. We both worked so many hours this week that all we did was sleep down there. It was still a nice change and the commute took about 15 minutes compared to our usual hour long (or more) drive. Cute little room. We had a balcony but we were on the side of the building so we had to look to the right to see the water. Still nice.

And I finally got my husband to watch the Curious George movie with me. I love that monkey. I even had a Curious George birthday this year. My last birthday. No more after this one. I'm going to stop at 29 and pretend that life at 29 is where its at. Of course, 30 may not be too bad if the few things up my sleeve happen. We'll see.....

Saturday, August 5, 2006


....have I been? I've been down in Dana Point this week. My husband, wonderful man that he is, had some coupons for a hotel down there right on the beach so we've been hiding there. I didn't take the laptop (even though the high speed in the room was tempting). We still have two more nights. Rascal is staying with my mother since he's not welcome at the hotel. :(
He'd be enjoying the down mattress and fluffy pillows though. So, technically, I'm on vacation but I'm not. We're 50 miles from the house but very close to both of our offices which makes the commute very nice in the morning. Yes, we're still dragging ourselves to the office every day. I've been working crazy hours and copious amounts of OT while I train my replacement so I can move into another position. Not easy, let me tell you.

One of the perks of my new position is a trip to Salt Lake City this month. Can you guess what I'll be doing while I'm there? Yep, sniffing out the best stores. So if you have any recommendations, let's here them. I'll be staying in SLC andI'll have a car. :) Hey, I can't save ALL of the OT money!! :)

I'll leave you with one picture - this is a little preserve beach in Dana Point Harbor at sunset. The little cove is located on the ocean side of the jetty just below the Chart House restaurant hill. I'll post a few more pictures when I'm officially 'home'.