Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rainy weekend = Scrapping {Updated with pictures}

More rain predicted for this weekend. Lots of rain.
During a break in the storms, we took a quick drive up the mountain road behind the house and got a shot of the snow on the mountains. These would be the Big Bear/Arrowhead mountains. If we didn't have to put chains on the tires, we'd be taking a drive up there this weekend.

So, that means, I'm staying inside and working on projects for my Gallery. I haven't uploaded in a while and I have a stack of layouts and mini albums just waiting to be uploaded.

The Design Team has some amazing projects up using their December/January kit.

The Anniversary sale ends January 31st. Hurry up and save an additional 15% off your order. Almost everything in the store has been marked down to make room for the new items coming in.

*** FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY *** Orders over $50.00 will receive free shipping. Normally, we offer free shipping on orders over $75.00. With prices so low, you can get a LOT of paper for $50.00. (Free shipping minimum is different for international orders.)

Look for announcements on contests for February. Lots of CHA giveaways are planned.

Since I haven't had much of a chance to take pictures, I stayed up late tonight and started. Of course, the light isn't the greatest, but its getting done. Taking care of a 6 month old is hard work. Especially when that 6 month old demands attention every minute he's awake. When he was younger, I could put him in the swing and get things done. Now, he's not happy with the swing. He wants to play, which means my days are filled with Playschool toys that light up and sing silly songs. Any free time I get is spent filling orders. This leaves little time to be creative these days. BUT, my husband promised me a baby free weekend so my plans are to get as caught up on the baby's book as possible. I'm halfway through his November pictures now. By the end of the weekend, I should be caught up.

Thats a good feeling. Now, I only have 6 drawers of other photos to put into albums.

What are your plans this weekend? My iPod is charged up and ready for the Scrap Marathon!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hunkered down.....

in my studio creating.

Lots of rain this week. It could be worse. I could be buried under lots of snow like some people. Wait, I LOVE snow! My husband and I were thinking about running up to the mountains this weekend and taking the little guy to see snow. We'll see. Right now, they're reporting you have to put chains on so it may be a 'no go'. I've got the chains, but my husband isn't looking forward to putting them on. Its still cold here. In the 30's, which is cold for SoCal. It means I get to wear my flannel pajamas and have fires every night. Do you know how fun it is to crank up the fire and watch the hockey game? A lot of fun!

So, its cold and CHA is right around the corner. I'm trying to use up my old stuff to get ready for the new stuff. (Yep, I'm just like the rest of you!) My studio is getting a workout this week. I'm also cleaning out a bunch of stuff I know I won't be using anymore. No matter how much I clean, I can always find something to add to the 'never going to use' pile. I keep one in the corner of the spare bedroom. A lot of it gets sent to my cousin and the rest will be going out the door in donation form.

I hardly ever get a Michaels ad, but last weekend, I got one. They have the Iris totes on sale. Yeah! $5.00. I bought 8 of them. Clear and purple. Those that know me, know I don't do pink, so I left the pink ones for some other 'pink person'.

Lots of fun stuff coming to the store in the coming months. I'm sure most of you have seen some of the Sneak Peeks out there. They are all over the place.

Here are some of our favorites:

American Crafts (NEW Thickers! Even glittery ones!)

Glitz Designs

Daisy D's


Scenic Route



KI Memories/Love Elsie

October Afternoon

and more!!

The show is only a couple of weeks away. The camera battery is charged and ready! We'll be updating the blog each night with pictures from the show! We'll also have lots of giveaways too.

ETA: OKay, my links to the above are not working. Blogger seems to be having issues tonight. Most of these updates can be found on the Manufacturers blogs and websites. I'll check back in the morning to see if the links are working.