Sunday, January 29, 2012

Project Life Week 2 - Part 2

I couldn't fit everything for week 2 on 2 pages so I did 2 - 2 page layouts.  But it works for me.

Here's the backside of that 4 square page.

 I picked up stickers in Calgary at the game.  I just had to stop in the team store at the arena and they had stickers!  My Game ticket, pictures from the game (Kings won!), pictures from the Calgary Zoo and snow at my dad's place.
 Studio Calico veneer asterisks.  been hoarding those.  Misted with some Calico Shine for just a hint of glimmer.
 These Kings stickers come in the Baileys Buddies box every year.  I held on to these for something and they worked out fine for Project Life.
 I *love* the new Martha Stewart line at Staples.  I picked up all of her labels.
 They didn't have programs for the game, just these little flyers with the rosters.
 This page needs the most love.  I was kind of needing a break at this point but didn't want to leave things hanging.  I got all of the cards organized and in the slots.  Titles, journaling and extras to come later.  I love the colors of this page.  Its a mix of the Becky Higgins blank cards, Clementine cards and Elle's Studio Winter line.
 That fun snowflake stamp is from Unity stamps. 
More Elle's Studio.  I love the cutups she offers.  All those fancy journaling cards out there?  Yes, I have them, but with these, I can make my own.  I'm on a mission to use the stuff I've been hoarding.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project Life Week 2 - Part 1

Soooo, back to Project Life.  I went to a crop last weekend and got 2 weeks almost finished.  I took the bare bones with me to the crop so I didn't have my sticker letters.  I'm going to add them and the journaling this weekend when I have a moment to sit down.

But everything is in its place.  Now I just need to get the titles, journaling and some work on the Silhouette.

 Sunset one night while on my way to pick up the kid at school, The kid and his new skates for hockey lessons, a screen shot of the weather in Calgary, our plane, flying over Mt. Ranier, watching a hockey game on the plane, Tim Hortons - my first stop in Calgary, the headline from the local paper in Calgary.
 I got lazy this week and used mostly cards from the Becky Higgins Clementine kit.  Wow was that easy! I didn't feel like dragging a bunch of stuff to the crop so I took a few things.  That box of cards was a life saver!
 Everything is fare game.  I *love* the stamp backing in the Studio Calico stamps and the larger ones make great 4x6 journaling cards.  The Love tag is from Pebbles.  Flair is from Shelley Haganman. (HI Shelley!)

 I bought a few of these bags from Divine Twine last month with no real ideas and have them sitting there.  Some of these might be popping up in the PL this year.  I love that it holds out tickets and a brochure from the Calgary Zoo.  Oh and that is a shot of the screen on the tv from the plane.  You can track your flight the entire way.
 Back side of the bag.  Maya Road sheer snowflake, Banff sticker, Canada diecut from the local scrapbook store.
I love this layout!  4 big squares.  Thats my Timbits box.  Sticker from KI Memories, tags from Ormalu, Studio Calico and Chic Tags

This is the kind of shopper I am.  I ordered the multi pack box of page protectors from Amazon.  Did I look at what was in there?  No.  I just ordered the multi pack because I didn't want to be tied to one style for the entire year.  So when I saw this on Pinterest, you know I went snooping in my box looking at the available pages.
 You know I had to get some twine in here somewhere right?  Another sheet of Studio Calico stamp backer paper.  I have a whole stack of those.  Back to Nature sticker is from an old October Afternoon line.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little scrappin'

I said in my last post that Project Life seems to be kicking my rear - in a good way!

I've found that I'm excited to scrap again and I've been going through some older Studio Calico kits.  I'm also working on more cards for Operation Write Home.  I really love this way of using my scraps instead of tossing them or giving them away.

I am working on a giveaway pile so keep an eye out for that announcement.

Here are just a few of the projects I finished.  I have more but I emailed them to some magazines so I'm holding on to find out if any of them got picked up before posting.

This is one of my Studio Calico kits from last year.  Lots of orange and yellow (not so much of the pastels and pinks most kits have.)
 I just loved these journaling cards and when I saw this picture it was perfect.  Very simple but its all about the journaling.

 Used some flair from Marcy Penners shop.  See previous posts about my love for flair.
 Another one using an old SC kit.  I'm really trying to get rid of at least one kit a month and use some others.  I've got a bad habit about holding on to them.

 Another thing I love right now - shaped paper clips.  These are from Amy Tan but I have others I found at Urbanic.
 Using a Studio Calico sketch from a couple weeks back and some OLD papers.  Old Fancy Pants and Jillibean Soup.  If you're into 'retro' papers, bookmark this blog because you'll be seeing a lot of older lines popping up from time to time.  A deal I made with myself if I could use my new stuff if I made at least one layout with older lines.

It feels good to have a permanent space.  Everything has its place again and isn't stored in a box or under the table.  I'll post pictures of my space in February.  Its not pretty this time but it sure is functional and thats what matters to me.  I've not had a functional space for a long time.

I've been trying to get a handle on the blog and what I want to post.  So far, I've got a little calendar going with a schedule of posts.  Slowly, I'm finding my love for the hobby again.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I {heart} flair

Its my new obsession.

I have a rawer full of it from all over.  My latest go to shop is A Flair for Buttons.

I think I have every set she sells.  Some of my favorites.........

 Social media flair!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Life Week 1

You can see my cover page post here.

I was featured on the blog for this Etsy shop.  So excited.  I've ordered several sets of her flair buttons and I love every single one of them.  You are going to see a LOT of flair in the coming weeks.  I've got my eye on the new blue travel set.  I have the green and white sets coming my way.

I'm finding that Project Life is really kicking my behind.  It gives me the little kick I need to scrap.  I've spent more hours in my craft room since kicking off PL.

So..... Week 1.

Some Project Life information for you....

I already shared the album I'm using.  I chose red because its a color I haven't already used.  I currently have the blue, green, brown and black in use.  Red was the only color left.  Each color will be the album color for a certain subject.  Blue is Nicholas, for example.

I did not purchase the kit as I have more than enough in my stash to complete this project for the next 10 years.  But I did need to be more organized about.  Last month when I was browsing in Ikea, I found these plastic drawer trays.  They have 5 sections and it was perfect for storing journaling cards and little things.
 One section is my flair.  I order from Marcy Penner, Ormalu, Evalicious, Shelley Haganman.......
 And the free printables you can find online....Or even the ones you pay for!
 And then there is the big section.  The one with tags from Elle's Studio, Chic Tags, Smash book tags, October Afternoon Journaling Cards and of course, the super cute graph cards from Beck Higgins......  there are journaling tags in this section that I've had for years.  They all fit in some fashion in the PL Page Protectors.  My goal this year is to slowly *use* these tags.
 Some larger tags or cutouts.
 My random bits.  Lots of little Maya Road goodies in here.

I pull this bin out when I'm laying out the grid for the week.

My process is this.....

I spend the week taking pictures.  Some days are better than others and I remember to capture the moments.  I'm getting better about remembering.

My week runs Sunday to Saturday.  So Saturday night I try to sit down and put my pictures into a folder on my desktop.  I have a sub folder for each week.  *Just* in case I don't get to it right away, they're in there.

Now that is out of business, I had to find a way to print my phone photos.  (I'll post a tutorial when I get home.)  I upload and edit all of them.  My goal is to get 2 iphone pictures on one 4x6 print.  I purchased the USB cable to hook my Selphy up to my Mac.  I don't have good luck printing from my regular printer.

From there, I try to judge which page protectors I need.  For the left side, I have to use what I used the week before but then the second half is a blank canvas.  I purchased the multi pack of page protectors so I have options.  Each square can be very plain or you can treat it as a mini scrapbook page.  I try to fit my photos into the larger sections and use the 3x4 sections for my journaling cards.

I pull from the journaling card pile and my scraps pile.  I also use my extensive Washi tape collection.  A strip here, a strip there......

I try not to over think it.  Most of my supplies are in the colors I use most.  What I've been doing is pulling from a group of scraps.  If I have several pieces left from a certain line, I use them together.  My cover page uses papers from MME and Week 1 uses some older Echo Park papers (Little Boy).  This is a great way to use up some scraps too.

Memorabilia - I have a yellow pot on my desk that holds random bits from the week for now.  I'm also working on my craft space.  I'll be sharing that as soon as I finish it.  Right now, its a work in progress because of the move and the fact that this room has been my office.  I'm slowly converting it to my space.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday

To  my wonderful husband!

During the move I found this album and saved it to show today.  This was the first album I ever made.  My first scrapbook.  Its been packed away for a while (since 2003 when we packed up the condo and moved into the house....) and it was a bit dusty.

I dusted off the cover and spent some time going through it.  There aren't a lot of pictures and it resembles a Smash book but my son loved looking through it anyway.

Check out those old Making Memories sticker letters!

Our first date:
We ate at Pick Up Stix a lot....... And check out that young couple there.  I was 21!

 We used to send each other these stupid e-cards because our schedules didn't permit us to talk much.  I was in school and he was working insane hours at Frito Lay.  After the first year, it kind of settled down and we got to see each other more.  When we did have free time, we always saw a movie.
 Check out those diecuts!!  I got those at a local store.  They had a wall of diecuts and I used to spend hours there looking through everything deciding what to get.  They had everything!  Some more of our favorite places to eat.....
 My mother in laws dog.  We used to offer to walk hiim just so we could spend time together.
 Road trip!  Another thing we did when we had free weekends.  We took day trips up the coast and to Vegas.
 I saved the best for last.  I remember I had one of those Memory Makers special editions with special scrapbook techniques to try and popup pages was one of them.  Pop up pages!!!  Thats the Luxor in Las Vegas.  I kept the room key and a piece of ribbon off something we had delivered via room service.
This is so funny looking back.  I need to work on my neglected SMASH books now......