Monday, March 28, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

2011 Lemon crop

My parents have a Meyer lemon tree in their back yard.  I'm not a huge lover of lemons but I'm told these are 'special' lemons.  More flavor, more juice.

Anyway, Nick is obsessed with them.  As with anything Nick likes, he obsesses over them.  He sees them growing and immediately starts asking my dad when they can pick them.  Since my parents were going away for 3 weeks they needed to be picked.

Notice the boots.  He wears them everywhere.

And then they must be washed.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feeling scrappy

With all of the new product rolling in, its hard not to want to scrap.  I've changed my daily schedule three days a week and I scrap at night.

I figured out the only way to do this and spend time with my family is to combine them.  So my husband brings the portable DVD player into my space and we watch movies while I scrap.  I managed to get a few pages done last week.  It feels good to get back in the groove.

The first one, I used Danielle's sketch from the last contest.  Papers and embellishments are from Little Yellow Bicycle Twig.  AC Thickers and Shabby Chic Crafts tags. Veronica's tags are awesome and although I own a lot of them, I rarely use them.  I like to look at them.

Based on this sketch.
Don't forget we have another Sketch Contest running through the end of March.

Then I dug through my recent Studio Calico kit.  I love what the GDT did with one of her layouts so I made my own version of it.

And last, I channeled my inner Kinsey Wilson for this one.

Lots of stitching.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Stamp Storage

Finally found a solution I like.  I'm sorry I wasted my time and money on the CD cases.  That was not a good storage solution.

This is.  But then again, this girl is the Queen of organization.

I copied her idea and bought photo sleeves in various sizes to fit the kinds of stamps I have.  All of my single image stamps are in little baseball card sleeves, the larger ones are in 3x5 and 4x6 sleeves and then I have 5x7 sleeves for the larger sets like alphas.

For border stamps, I have negative sleeves.  I found a local stationary store that sells them by the sheet.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fixing things

While at my parents house, Nick noticed a drawer had broken.  Its a drawer my dad has fixed before.

After rifling through the treasures in the drawer, Nick helped my dad fix it.  He's obsessed with tools and fixing things so this was perfect.

They took the broken piece off.

Prepared the new piece.

And finally screwed the new piece on.