Sunday, February 27, 2011


My parents got us passes for Christmas.  We went once in December and then January got busy and we didn't get to go.  I couldn't let February slip by without a trip.  Nick had a day off school for Presidents Day so we went.  It was also supposed to rain that day.

We played it by 'ear'.  When we woke up and it was sunny, we decided to go.  We made it til about 2 pm before the rain hit and we rushed out of there like everyone else.

But not before we had a little fun.  I need to throw a mini book together for Nick to take to Share Day one week using these pictures.

 I love that he's tall enough to go on the cool rides.  So is he!  He loves Big Thunder Mountain.  I mean, its a train right???
 Stole these off the Disney Photopass site.  I ordered them.  I love the one where the guy had him stand like Peter Pan.

 There was a puddle of drool in the tray.  As soon as it started to rain, we left.  Thats the  nice thing about passes.  You can go for a few hours and not feel like you have to stick it out to get your money's worth.  He was pretty tired after running around for the few hours we were there.

Friday, February 25, 2011

I. Love. You.

Valentines Day was fun in the Weinstock household.  I took it a bit further this year than in previous years and made fun food.

Heart. Shaped. Everything.  Oh yeah.  And I think I'll expand on it more next year.  I saw ideas for heart shaped hamburgers and buns.  Heart shaped pancakes.  Heart shaped......  You get the idea.  So I picked up everything heart shaped for the kitchen when it went on sale the day after.  I'm all prepared.

Here's what I did do this year.

Heart Shaped Rice Krispy Treats - I made these mostly for the Bake Sale at the school the week before but I made another batch for lunches and snacks.  I tinted them.  Yes I did.  Teal, pink and purple.
For Nicks class Valentines I had this great idea to sew up some felt hearts and fill them with goodies I found at Target.  That was until the construction started and I lost my bag of red, white and pink felt.

Which I found the morning of Valentines Day.  Right where I left it.  Right by my desk in the office.
So I threw these together at the last minute.

Cars for the boys and Tinkerbelle for the girls.  Generic boxed valentines attached to treat bags filled with the goodies I bought.  Mini erasers, mini paper pads, pencils, conversation hearts etc.

I made the cute tags on top.  Bakers Twine (Because we have so much of it!)  I punched a 1 inch heart out of kraft paper and stamped 'Be Mine' with a new Cats Life Press stamp.  Its stamped with Jenni Bowlin Cough Syrup ink.  I added the pink crystal.  The scalloped circle behind that is a sticker from Paper Source on a punched scallop circle.

Each of his teachers (Ms. Kim, Ms. Irma and Ms. Barbara) each got a mini book with quotes and chocolate hearts from See's Candy.  
For dinner, I made steak.  I decorated the table with a red tablecloth, felt hearts, candles, and the flowers from my husband.

Dessert was cupcakes.  I took the time to make frosting instead of using the canned stuff.  Tastes so much better too.

And I made brownies too.  Used the same heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them out and then made a brownie sundae.  Yum!
Earlier in the week, my grandparents had us over for dinner (they went on a Valentines Cruise).  Nick got his box of See's Candy.  This is a family tradition and this year was the 50th year.  We used to get the really cool heart shaped boxes but lately, they are just too expensive so we each get our own personalized box of chocolate.  Our favorite kinds are in there instead of the mix.

50 years my grandfather has given us these boxes.  All the women in the family.  Except one year when they went to Hawaii for Valentines.  When he got home, we let him have it.  He hasn't missed a year since.  He had no idea we looked forward to these.
Finally, his shirt for Valentines.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late night visitor

So, there are nights when I work late.  Okay, lets be honest here.  I work late just about every night.  Finishing up order, adjusting stuff in the admin portion of the store, planning blog posts and kits for the DT.
There are some nights when I'm up til 2.  3 or even 4.  I've been known to respond to emails from the other side of the world when they were expecting an email later in the day.

I'm also available for chatting with friends that have newborns and are up all night.  Hey, sometimes its kind of cool to have someone to talk to when you're feeding that baby.

Its also cool when this guy gets up.  He comes looking for me and when I'm not in bed, he knows where to find me.  At my desk.  Lit by a single yellow bulb.

We have things we do.  I keep a fish tank deal in Facebook.  Fish Town?  Fish Bowl?  Something.  He likes to feed my fish and check on my neighbors fish.  We color Thomas the Train on the Thomas website. And we have snacks.  Now, the funny thing is, I did the same exact thing when I was a kid.  We lived with my grandparents for a few years and my grandmother was a night owl.  (Guess I know where I get it from.)  Anyway, I'd always wake up just in time for Johnny Carson.  (I just dated myself didn't I?)  I'd get up and have a glass of milk, maybe a cookie and then I'd watch the show.  (Hhhhhheeeeeerrrrreeeeeee's Johnny!)  Afterwards, I get tucked in again and sleep the rest of the night.

Same with this guy.  The other night, we had ice cream.  Dad is NOT a night person.  In fact, this guy would stay up late with me if he could.  Dad would be happy to go to bed early and sleep in.

Sorry for the sad iPhone pictures.
I love those single serve ice creams.  Perfect.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it golf?

Or is it hockey?

Playing on the golf course.  Hockey stick.  Golf ball.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

California Dreamin'

Even in the Winter, we have great sunsets.  I took an afternoon off and the family headed down to Laguna Beach (yes, THAT Laguna Beach) to see the sunset.  We know this tiny little beach just south of the main beach where parking is ample and lots of sand to sit and watch the sun.

We let Nick get all dirty in the sand while we watched him.  This time, for the first time, he ventured into the water by himself.  This is a first since he's always complaining about how 'cold' it is.  It was a steamy 54 degrees that day.

I took the trusty point and shoot Canon and just started clicking.

And OF COURSE, there are Hipstamatics too.  You knew that right?  ;)