Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Authentique Kit

I designed this mini using the new Carta Bella Beach Boardwalk line.

The base for this book is a manilla file folder.  Its the perfect mini.  Kit includes instructions on how to fold and cover each section.  You have plenty of paper left over for several layouts, cards etc.

You can call the store to inquire about buying the kit.  Rachel will ship if you are out of town.  OR, if you're local to So Cal, you can participate in the So Cal Shop Hop and visit the store to purchase your kit!

 The cover.  Twine.  Flair.  Veneer and paper clips.  Oh, and Glossy Accents.
 These are awesome Jillibean Soup Sticker letters with Glossy Accents.
 And one of my favorite flair buttons right now.
 Inside of folder.  The bottom third is folded in to create pockets.  I stitched using DMC floss to create the pockets.
 First panel.  And yes, those are mini's within the mini.  More on those later.
 Panel 2.  Another mini in a mini.
 Panel 3.
 Panel 4 and a mini in a mini.
 Back side.

 Now, for those 'mini's in a mini'.  I used the journaling card page to make these.  I cut out 1-2 cards depending on what I was trying to do.  The first one is two cards.  I found two together that I liked and cut them out but left one side attached.
 Then I cut a 3x12 inch strip from white cardstock and folded it accordian to fit inside the folded cards.  So when you open the folded cards, an accordian books falls out.  I used this to store extra pictures.  You can also used those pockets to just stick extra photos in as well.  I just liked the active element.
 You can see how it folds up.
 And the back card.
 This is another mini.  I used a single card this time and fussy cut around the sign.  I cut another 3x12 strip of cardstock and folded it slightly different.  I wanted the paper to fit up under the cut so it was a paperclip.
 When you pull the end you get another accordian mini.
 Its the perfect place for more photos, business cards etc.
 And the last mini is another single card.  I covered it up with our train tickets and an arrow paperclip. My new obsession.  Then I clipped it to the pocket.
If you want to purchase this kit, please call the store.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New String and Ribbon

I got a chance to run through the CHA Summer show - and I mean run!  I had  one day, 8 hours to see everything.  My first stop was the ribbon booth!

Want to see whats coming to the shop soon?

 New colors of the striped twill.  This ribbon is great for mini album covers, home decor etc.
 MORE NEW COLORS of the popular burlap string.  We can't keep these rolls in stock.  Jennie is the master at using this stuff on her cards and layouts.
 The new thicker burlap twine in new colors.  Look at that orange, teal and yellow together!  Eek!
 New chevron ribbons.  A little thinner than our popular chevron twill.
Striped canvas ribbon.  I love the subtle 'kraft' look of these.
And these fun new rolls.  I see grey!  I've been asking them for more grey options for a while now and they listened!

We may have a few more things up our sleeve so keep an eye on our shop and Facebook for more updates!

For now, stock up on everything else we have in stock like the new solid Bakers Twine colors or even our sale ribbon.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I created this quick layout from leftovers.  I created a mini album kit for my LSS Perfect Day in Huntington Beach.  The kit will be on sale there and  I will share that tomorrow.  I fell in love with this Authentique line as soon as they debuted it.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A look back at the last 6 years

So, in a few hours, it will be my son's birthday.  He's 6 tomorrow.  6.  I remember taking the test that told me I was actually pregnant like it was yesterday.  No really, it feels like just a couple of months ago we were getting ready for him and then BAM!

Literally, BAM.  He's like a little firecracker.  The kind you lite and then fizzle a little then take off in a blur of fire.  Thats my son.  My little firecracker.  Always on the go.  Always into things.  Always talking, moving.  Never sleeping.  Where he gets his energy I'll never know.  He's kept us on his toes from the moment he looked at me from his bassinet at the end of my hospital bed with the 'I'm here' look on his face.

He came into this world silent.  He barely cried, only looked around with a cranky look on his face.  Led Zepplin was playing on the ipod in the OR during my c-section.  My husband and OB were discussing guitars and classic rock while I laid there numb from the chest down.  This might explain his love on classic rock today.  He never did like lullabys.  I had dreams of rocking him to sleep to the soothing melodies but he had other ideas.  When I turned that music on, he screamed.  My husband thought it would be funny to 'spook' him a little and put on some Van Halen one night.  We did it to partially drown out the crying.  He stopped crying, blinked and then I think he gave us his first smile.  From that day forward it was Van Halen, Motley Crue or Led during your bedtime routine.  My little metal head.

 You were just a few hours old when you turned your head and lifted it to look at me.  The nurse said you weren't supposed to do that but it was a sign of a very healthy baby.  None of us had any clue just how strong you were.  Strong in body, spirit and mind.

I love this picture of you.  Its the total opposite of your personality but its the sweet, sleeping baby I thought I was taking home.
 The first time you met Rascal.  You had a rough start but you're best friends now.
 So much for that swaddling stuff.  They said babies liked the tight feeling of swaddling.  Not you.  You broke out of the prison and then fell asleep.
 Your first skate.  You were about a month old.  This was also the last time G-Grandpa skated.  He suffered a stroke a few weeks later and never fully recovered.  Six years later, he's at the rink every week watching you with your skating coach wishing it was him out there showing you how its done.

 You are well travelled.  You saw Vegas, Ohio and New York before you were six months old.  This picture is you with all 8 of your NY cousins.
 My little metal head.
Where the obsession started.
 Your first birthday.

Second birthday - at Goofy's Kitchen.
 Third Birthday at Zoomar's.
Fourth Birthday at Farrell's.
Fifth Birthday at the rink.

Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Insomnia : Friend or Foe

As I get older, I find I cannot sleep.  Sometimes I just lay there and stare at the dark ceiling.  Other nights, I crawl into my craft room and piddle.  I'm not feeling creative, I don't want to sit and troll the internet so I just move stuff around.

Thats when I get a wild hair and purge.

You can find all that good stuff on my Flickr page.  Pricing is listed in case you want any of it.

And then there are nights when I'm feeling inspired but still don't want to make anything.  Thats when I find  myself all over Pinterest.

Tonight, I'm up.  Its 3:03 AM my time and I've just created my CHA Summer Wish List.  I'm not done yet but I've got a good list going.

CHA Summer Wish List

It doesn't help that I'm going to get one day to walk the show floor in Vegas next week so I wanted to be prepared.  I know a lot of companies aren't going to be there but the ones that will are going to have some fun booths and I can take my time.  Just take it all in.

Maybe I should purge some more stuff from this room?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Whirlwind Vacation

In between work, end of the school year and summer camp we fit in a vacation.

N flew up to Calgary with my mom.  My dad's two year assignment in Calgary is over and its time for him to come home.  My mom and N helped him pack and load up his truck for the long drive home.

Fortunately, they made it out of there the morning of the 'great flood' of 2013.  Yes, they literally drove out of town as the warnings hit.

They got lucky.  Their original route took them over Highway 1 from Calgary to Vancouver.  They would spend the night there and do the Suspension Bridge before heading to Washington.  Then to Oregon to visit friends and then Eureka, CA to meet us.

Their trip was altered when the rain hit.  They ended up heading directly south to Montana and then across to Spokane, WA.  That meant no Capilano Suspension Bridge for Mr. N.  He's pretty upset but I promised we'd take him there some day.

They did get a few days in Banff before the rain hit.  He got to go on a river rafting trip.

We met them in Eureka then to continue the journey.  We drove up the 5 to save time and made it there in less than 2 days.  If you're thinking about a coastal drive, do it.  The northern part of the state is gorgeous.  I guess the southern part is too if you like desert and palm trees.  Blech.  Give me redwoods and rainy days.

Anyway, just a few shots from the trip:

 Driving through the redwoods.  We did Trees of Mystery and The Redwoods.
Moonstone Beach, CA.

Trees of Mystery and Paul Bunyan.  There is a guy in there that talks to you.  Freaks all the kids out.  Its kind of funny.

We did this Sky Ride through the trees.  Pretty awesome.  It drops you off at the top of the mountain at a platform where you over look the forest.
We stayed in Eureka that night and got up early to start the trip home.  After a hearty breakfast at the Somoa Cookhouse (a personal fave of mine).
A view of Arcata from Samoa Island.  I love the clouds hanging there.
My little tree hugger.

My protege.  He has my old iPhone 3 to play with.
Our car going through one of the drive through trees.  I don't know why something like this gets me all excited but it does.

We stopped in Santa Rosa for the night and let N skate at Snoopy's Rink.  Thats where my grandfather played hockey for many years in the Senior Tournament.  Its funny how the place hasn't changed.

The next morning we were up early again and driving into San Francisco.  Foggy San Fran.

Still a cool shot.

I waited around for a while because it looked like the fog might lift and then it would thicken up.  So we just drove over the bridge.

Apparently the seals are down south for mating at the moment.  Only 3 lonely seals stayed behind.

Of course we did the trolley.  So did the rest of the tourists in the city.  Man, what a long wait.

I got to be a hanger-on for the first part of the trip!
Lombard St.  There really is no easy way to get a decent shot of this unless you walk.  But then you have to find a place to park, walk to it etc.
From San Francisco, we drove down to Santa Cruz and stayed in the tiny town of Ben Lomond.  We were just around the corner from the Roaring Camp Railroad.  Didn't I tell you this was a train trip?
This train goes from the Santa Cruz mountains to the Boardwalk.  I almost wish we'd stayed longer but we were all sunned out from San Fran and the train.  Too much sun gave me a headache and a nasty burn even with sun screen.

We'll be back!!