Monday, October 23, 2006


So the ooutcome of yesterdays game wasn't what I was hoping for. At least they squeezed another point out of it. They had the game in the bag, but instead of trying to increase the lead, they just tried to defend it. Sad too, because they were playing like they deserved to win. The fact that it took 7 shooters in a Sudden Death Shootout to decide the game was enough for me. Next game, the Duckies are going down. Them and their stupid orange Cal-Trans looking shirt wearing fans of theirs. All 7 of them.
Garon was in net. Don't get me started on that other pice of poo the Kings picked up. Still trying to make sense of that move. If he'd been in goal, god knows how many Duck goals he would have let in...
On a bright note, my boy Labarbera is 3-1-1 in Manchester. I'm currently scheming, trying to find a way to get out to Manchester for the weekend to see some games......
I'm also scheming for a Kopitar jersey. Fo' shizzle Kopitizzle. :) I'm going to have his sign it "Hockey God".
Next season, I'll be scheming for a Patrick O'Sullivan jersey. Yep. And I'll have him sign it "Irish'. The Kings are giving away free St. Patty's day hats on St. Pattys day this year. the last time they had a hat promotion, Pavol Demitra scored a hat trick. Looks like everyone must tune in to the Kings game on March 17th to see Irish score a hat trick. :) Must see T.V. folks!

Oh, I was surprised when my husband got the cable bill this month and alerted me to the fact that I do indeed have Center Ice. Yes folks, that means everyone will be seeing a little less of me as I hibernate in front of the tv for the long winter months. Family who? Where? Holidays? Must have missed them. See, I was trying to be the 'good wife' and save a little money. I mean, Bryan was nice enough to let me renew my season seats again this year so I thought I'd give something back. :) I didn't renew my Center Ice package. Little did we know that they will continue to enroll you in it until you tell them to stop it. Ooops! So, I've been missing all of these great games thinking I don't have it when in reality, I did. I've started looking at the schedule now to see which games are a must see over the next month. :)

Anyone wondering how the crop went on Saturday - it was awesome. Won some new Piggy Tails paper thats not out yet and an SEI album - those cute, pre-made little albums. Those make great gifts. Lots of sneak peaks at the new stuff and as always, the Oasis was awesome. Karen and Wendy always put on a good show. I didn't make it the entire time though - but I hung on for 11 hours!! So many projects were finished including these:

I used the chipboard flower from MM. Covered them with the new Basic Grey and I can't remember what brand the green paper is. Paper Salon maybe? Added a few primas and HS bling.

More projects to follow shortly. I'm still scanning and stitching.....


  1. If you thought that game was tough...hope you drank a few after the Aves game! Yikes! MELTDOWN!

  2. I'm no scrapper, but nice flower do-hicky thing-a-ma-jigs! j/k. You've got a great talent Erica!