Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nothing crafty goin' on here......

Well, I did do one small thing. A new blog banner for January and one more for February. That is all.

Sad right? I own a scrapbook store! That should be illegal. Never fear, I intend to rectify that this weekend at a crop. 12 hours of craft time.

I also sent Nick back to daycare so that will free up some time for me to work during the day AND possibly get some fun things done. He's almost 3 and needs that contact with other kids. In just the 3 days since he's been back, I can see a difference in him. I found a new place that is SO much better than the last one. Don't get me wrong, I love Kindercare but for what they charged me weekly and what Nick got out of it......not a good match. So I found Tutor Time and I'm so happy!

For a little less, he's able to develop more. He gets to cut and paste, paint and play with playdoh. They are big on making stuff form scratch - like homemade playdoh and flubber. Best thing is, they send the recipes home so I can make it for him here too. Nice right?

And the craftiness? LOVE LOVE LOVE that. Right? Kindercare just kind of let them roam around the room playing with playskool toys all day long. They couldn't color - not until they got to the 3's room and there was definitely no scissors allowed.

I had to teach him how to use them at home. So this week, he's stamped, cut and pasted to make a cute Valentines bag for their exchange on Friday. Being the crafty mom I am, I have a handmade valentine to get ready and less than 2 days to do it in. I can do it. I think. And they are doing a smoothie party for them so my first parent participation will also be then when I show up with oranges for the smoothies! Its like he's in school!

Okay before I get all weepy about him growing up too fast, lets rewind a bit. Here's a recap of January.

I decided at the last minute to do the CHA Craft Supershow. After a lot of planning and a LOT more money, nothing really came of it. People were there looking for steals and deals and not something cute or fun. The make n takes were a hit but thats about it. Kind of disappointed but it was a lesson learned.

I had about 8 hours in between cleaning up my booth before I had to be at CHA to see all of the new product. This was the first show in a while where I was amazed by each and every booth I walked into. Seriously wanted to take it all home with me. That usually never happens. There are always some that wow me but never like this. Even the pink stuff caught my eye!

I'll post some pictures from that crazy adventure this week.

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