Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm happy to report....

*** ETA: I was just informed that my blog design has disappeared.  I guess the designer is no longer hosting my images.  I've contacted a new designer and will have everything fixed soon.***

that there has been some crafting going on.  After 4 long months of, well, nothing....  I was finally successful.

Between the promotion at work, the start of school, buying a new home and moving, its been along 4 months.

My new scrap space has been set up for a month now and I wish I could say there's been a ton of crafting going on in there, there hasn't.

I tried.  I got out pictures and paper and spent a week moving stuff around.  Almost 3 weeks later, I finally put that layout together.  It felt good.  Its not the best layout, but it works.

So I signed up for a weekend retreat hoping that I could get into a groove and make at least one more.

Because, I'll be honest.  I was ready to call time of death on my mojo.  I really was.  My friends were scared because they knew if I waited long enough it would come back.

I'm adding in a few sneaks of the layouts I created.  I need some sunlight to take better pictures and then I'll post full images.  I'm really happy with most of these.  I've got a million ideas in my head and a stack of photos to scrap.  The retreat was just what I needed to get back into it.

 I find hand-stitching to be very relaxing.  And enamel dots are like candy for me.  I coined a new phrase this weekend.  'If you like it, then you shoulda put a dot on it!'  (a la Beyonce)

 My car all packed for the retreat.  The spot in the middle was for my overnight bag.  I chose the minimalist approach this time.  Normally I pack my entire room.
 Sonic.  Oh, those cranberry slushies are the best.  Good thing there is a Sonic within walking distance of the hotel.
 And the crop room.  48 women this time.  Don't worry, its the big ball room at the hotel and there is PLENTY of space.  There was enough room between rows for two chairs with people in them and you could still fit a rolling tote between.  And a 6 foot table with power strips.
 A view from the rooftop pool.
I'll post full images later this week.

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  1. Well, I'm glad that you got some well earned scrapping time. I can't wait to see the full pages. And bummer about the blog design. Hope it is fixed in a jiffy.