Monday, August 16, 2010


This seems like the age where he turns into a little boy. He's not a baby anymore and he's really not a toddler.

It feels like he's been this 30 year old trapped in a 3 year olds body for a while. He's not normal. He drives me to drink most days (Smirnoff Ices are my new friend) and I'm almost 100% grey in front. I'm not sure how ling it will be before it all just falls out.

He's smart - and he knows it.

He's cute - and he knows it.

He's a booger - and he knows it.

He likes to test everyone and everything. We fight daily over things like picking up toys. I can't tell you how many trash bags full of toys I have in the garage. He refuses to pick them up so I 'throw them away'. He usually picks them up with I pull out a fresh trash bag but there are times when he refuses.

He throws massive tantrums. I'm waiting for his head to spin around and pea soup to fly from his mouth. I have to leave the room or else I'll laugh. Or cry. Depends on the day.

He's in daycare ALL day now because he needs the interaction. Spending the entire day with him usually exhausts me. And he knows it. He wears down my resolve until I just let him eat the entire bag of chee-tos with that chocolate candy, topped off with hidden soda.

He refuses to wear big boy underwear. He has to wear pull ups but he hasn't had an accident in over 3 weeks. But they're 'scary' so he continues to wear pull ups. We're lowering ourselves to bribery at this point and I think all its going to take is a ride on the Amtrak. He's been talking about trains since he could form words. He's seen the train in action and he's asked us to go on it.

So I'm lowering myself to bribery hoping that he realizes he's a 'big boy' and needs to wear big boy underwear.

To celebrate {3}, we took him to Zoomar's. After a bit of an issue with the date, we got it booked and his friends from school came. All girls. Not one other boy unless you count his cousin Bodhi who is only 1. All girls. Should I be worried about that?

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