Wednesday, September 23, 2015

NYC Mini

I finally got around to printing off pictures from the NYC trip we took in March this year.  I've been carefully collecting products to use in this book and I'm digging each page right now.  I need to take more photos of some of the pages but here is a quick preview:

 The cover is a work in progress.  This is a Studio Calico album.  Love the geotag!

 Inside cover and first page.  I found this quote on Pinterest and added it to a shot of the city.

 Hand stitched the flight path from LA to NYC.  Card is from Me and My Big ideas Project Life set I found.

 Airport/plane shenanigans!

 We took a red eye and tried to sleep.  Someone was a bit of a wiggle worm so I ended up taking selfies of him.  :)  (Another card from MAMBI).  I was awake for most of the night so I took some shots out the plane window and of the flight tracker on the tv.

 First stop after we landed was Tim Hortons.  I can't get that in CA so when I heard they were in the JFK airport, I made sure I found them.  The sign was on the long hallway from the terminal to baggage claim.  I had spent months telling Nick about all the cool food we could get in NYC so this *had* to go in the book.  Wood veneer is from Freckled Fawn and the flair is from A Flair for Buttons Etsy shop.  This is part of the NYC set.  (more of those to show up later in the book!)
 Y'all save your donut hole boxes right?  This is from the box of TimBits so its extra special.

 One of my must-haves for NYC.  The Subway/bus map.  I had all of our trips mapped out.  I knew which train to take and where to get off.  Such a handy little thing.  I added it to the book just so we could look at it down the road and see what the system looked like.

 Another print I found on Pinterest.  I loved the black and white linen texture.  Sadly, I covered most of it up with a shot of another map.  I added geotags to this to show that we took the train from Jamaica to Penn.  Another flair button from the travel collection.  if you travel a lot, Shelly has a *ton* of travel related buttons in the shop.

 This page is totally boring but I love it.  I used some packing tape I found online.  Its about 3 inches wide and has the NYC subway printed on it!  I lined it up on the back of the card stock and then layered photos over it of us on the subway.

 Since I have a ton of photos to add to this book and I don't want it to get too thick, I stuck with the 3x4 size and used the 4 up pockets.  I can document a lot that way.  PL Card is from my massive collection.  I stamped an *old* Studio Calico stamp (Go, See Do) lightly over the map of NYC.
 I had to skip ahead a little.  My photos came out horrible for the pages in between.  I need to retake them this weekend when there's more light.  Another random PL card - I think this one is from Studio Calico.  We lucked out and a freak spring snow storm hit the east the day before we got there.  It actually snowed most of the night and stopped right as we landed.  Central Park was loaded with fresh snow.  There's something magical about the city anyway, but add snow to it?  I could spend all day appreciating it.

Because this part of the book was special and I didn't want tiny photos, I printed them 4x6 and added a mini album to the mini album.  This is a set of folders from Jellybean Soup.  I cut patterned paper just smaller than the 6x8 and layered that on.  The stamp sets are all from Studio Calico.  Quotes were all found on Pinterest.

This is my most favorite page right now.  I see all these typographical pages and I've always wanted to try.  I had plans to stamp it all out and measure but then I just said go for it!  Its not perfect and the spacing could be a little better but it is what it is.

I have a few more pages done but the photos are horrible.  I want to retake them and share next week.  I also have more pages in the works so I want to add those in too.  I'm using the NYC flair from the shop throughout the book.  If you want to pick up a set, check out the store!

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