Monday, February 29, 2016

Current Projects

I'm staying crafty by working on cards and small projects.  I'm holding off on any kind of scrapbooking for right now since it seems like a major undertaking.  I haven't printed photos in forever and while they're organized, I just don't have the energy to go through them and try to match them up to paper and embellishments.

I'm opting for some easier projects now.

Like more paper dolls.  I *love* the Julie Nutting stamps.

And these awesome little 2x2x2 boxes from Stamping' Up.  I decorate and match them up to whatever event is going on.  I have some Valentines themed ones last month.  This month, I'm working on some for a Knit Guild Tea my mom is putting on in May.  I love how these turned out.

Each box will have a tea bag, a tea light and a metal charm related to knitting.  My mom ordered some silver teapot charms that will hang from the bow.  The knitting buttons you see are all available in the A (Flair) for Buttons Etsy shop.

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  1. Such neat projects - especially love that tag. And that's a very dangerous Etsy shop - way too much temptation there!!