Friday, December 19, 2008

Update Part1

So here is the SNOW update. December Daily post coming later.

So its been colder here than usual - which makes me happy because I can finally drag out the few sweaters and long sleeve shirts that I own. We've had a lot of rain which I LOVE. Rain here means snow in the mountains so maybe we can get up there some weekend before it melts.

All of the complaining I did about not getting any fall weather or even winter weather must had been heard by Santa or something because he sent me lots of rain AND some snow. Here, just a few minutes from my house - not hours away like the mountains.

Came home from my parents house this weekend and the temp in the car said 46 degrees. Brrr. Luvin' it.

Then rain.

Cold rain and low snow levels. So low, we got some in the mountains right behind our house. The snow level came down to about 1500 feet. Top of the mountain is 2600 feet. Not too shabby. So when I drove home on Thursday afternoon, we passed by all of these people having so much fun. Whats a scrapper to do? Drag your kid out in it even though they aren't properly dressed. But hey, it was only 5 minutes and he enjoyed it! He even cried when I picked him up to leave. So, we have to come back. With 2 more Arctic storms on the way, I think we should luck out and get more snow. Too bad Bryan wasn't here, this would have been the perfect backdrop for our Christmas Card picture - which still hasn't been taken yet. Guess I'll be sending them out in January - again.

And I saw all of these crazy people shoveling snow into the backs of their pickup trucks. Why? Well, as we came around the corner, our neighbors were busy uploading snow from the back of their truck and having a SNOWBALL fight! Several neighbors were involved. Nick and I sat and watched and when the odd snowball would come out way, he'd run over to pick it up. I even caught him eating some of it - his teeth were chattering but he kept trying to eat it. I guess he's going to be a snow lover like me.
Took Nick to another hockey game Wednesday night. Took a night off from filling orders. He's starting to watch the game more and more. Fingers crossed he's obsessed over the game as I am.
My future draft pick - here's hoping a team like Toronto will pick him up.

And I can't forget the tree 'incident'. Sweet little boy looking at the tree.....

Naughty boy who pulled it over......

Santas watching........

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  1. TORONTO?! How dare you?! Traitor. Kid's got "Future Kings Defensemen" written all over him! :)