Friday, June 12, 2009

9 Months of hockey....

down the drain.

Not that I'm a HUGE fan of the Red Wings. I'm not. Totally not. In fact, I despise them almost as much as a I despise the Mighty Ducks.

But when it comes down to the final two teams, I must pick one to go with.

There is too much about Pittsburgh that I don't like.

Crosby is a great player and I have respect for him. Until he starts whining like Wayne Gretzky. He whined too. I hated that. It used to make me want to vomit when he turned vapid on the ice. 'Someone touched me ref!'

But I can get over that.

Malkin. I don't care for him. He's egotistic and I'm still bitter about his Rookie of the Year award. I'm tired of the East Coast bias the league has. They might as well split the league in half and send the West packing to the AHL.

And the fact that the Pengins had a better team for several years and threw games so they'd end up in last place. That #1 pick must have looked real enticing. Of course, Bettman went along with the plan and allowed the stupid draft lottery to even exist. Crosby. Malkin. Staal...

I could go one. Talk about buying your championship. I may hate the Red Wings but I see a very talented team who works hard every single year to be the best. I could only hope, wish, pray the Kings will somehome, someday figure out how its done.

So, heres hoping for some misspelling of Malkins name on the Cup. Something like Fakin. His name on the Cup is almost as bad as the entire Ducks team having their name on there....

Now if the Kings can figure out how to throw more games next season, maybe they can really start theur rebuilding...

Here's to 2009-10

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  1. I know it was tough watching Bettman's Team hoist Lord Stanley's Cup, but have hope, our team is on the right track. They're finally focusing on the right things (D, goaltending, keeping picks, etc.). Our time will come, sooner than you think! :)