Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lauries Crop

When I joined the WhoGas? group in February, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
Laurie's crops in Orange are by far my favorite along with all the enabling on the message boards. Coupons, cheap websites like Cropchocolate and Peachy Cheap.

And then, there's Alondras infamous 'Red Box'.

Last Saturday, I finally got to meet Alondra and her 'Red Box'.

And then there was Cori and her new box. A Tammy Box. Someone needs to design a combination between the two. They both have fantastic qualities and it would be a hard choice. I thought I got pictures of Coris box but I didn't. So those pictures will have to wait.
Oh and they need to be available in more colors.

I'm really looking forward to the retreat in November with some of these girls. The table in the middle of the room was laughing all day. I think I broke a rib from laughing so hard.

From Alondra offering to show up to Tall Mouse in a coconut bra to Cori and Bea trying to figure out how to put ball trim to good use.

And we can't forget Cori's pastie moment. Heidi Swapp products were put to good use!

In store news, I received several shipments for the Vintage Shoppe yesterday and had to work on them last night. I put my poor husband ot work cutting and winding Bakers Twine on wooden spools in time for the store update this morning. He was also cutting cork and canvas squares. Whadda man!


  1. oh you are horrible putting that picture up of me!!! LOL too funny!

  2. Oh wow!!!! Coconut bra? Heidi Swapp pasties? I missed out didn't I?