Thursday, July 9, 2009


Are you out there?  You won my RAK.  Get back to me before Friday at 5 pm to claim your prize.  If not, I'll pick another winner.  I know there were a lot of you who wanted it.

Aw man, its been such a busy month.  July hates me.

I overbooked myself as usual.  As if I didn't already have enough to do, I booked crops for almost every weekend.  Throw in the holiday, birthdays and CHA and you have one busy month.

I'm excited though.  August is pretty much empty except for the new product that starts rolling in.

Really excited about CHA.  I'm starting to search the blogs and sites for Sneak Peeks for everyone.  I'm hoping there are a few more in the coming weeks.  I'm really happy with the new lines from Pink Paislee.  They always outdo themselves and I love that.

Just got an update from Making Memories.  Lots of goodies in the newsletter but I'll wait to share that later.  One of the sneaks is already on their blog but its gets better!

American Crafts too.  Their paper doesn't usually sell for me but there are some really cute patterns out this time around.  I'll have to see what they look like in person.  Very excited about the new Thickers.  I might have to do a Thickers RAK soon to clear out some of the excess Thickers I have on my Clip It Up.  That poor thing is overflowing with Thickers.  Every time I make an effort to use a bunch of them, AC comes out with more!  Ack!  I told my husband that if I die he must bury me with my Thickers and Glossy Accents.  

What else is exciting me?  Oh, I figured out the reason my Flip videos weren't posting last time around so there WILL be videos from the show when I get back.  Stupid Windows OS.  Worthless.

Replaced my missing planner with a sleek new one that goes through December of next year.  But with the abuse this one is taking, I'm not sure its going to make it that long. But I love it!  Every day is filled with blog post ideas, sale dates and other tidbits of store info.  But it keeps me organized.

After a very busy week, I plan on taking Saturday and Sunday off to crop with my good friend Cori.  (HI!)  We're pulling an all-nighter.  Or an as late as we can go nighter.  There will be frosty, fruity alcoholic beverages involved so look for layouts with crooked pictures, possibly some funny pictures and who knows what else.  I'm sending the man and little man away for the weekend.  Don't want to keep them up with our antics....

And maybe I'll get around to taking pictures of the stack of layouts I finished at a crop last week.  Too much going on.  

So, Heather, send me an email - to claim your Lil Davis RAK.  If not, some other lucky person wins it.


  1. A Thickers RAK?!? What?!! Are you crazy??????? hehe

    I can't wait for this weekend :D

    Thank God my phone has a good camera on it.. hehe

  2. hi Erica!
    just checking out your blog. make sure you post videos from cha.
    hope you & Cori have fun, I'm sure you will :)

  3. "I told my husband that if I die he must bury me with my Thickers and Glossy Accents"....LOL!! I feel the same way about Thickers and rub-ons!