Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still alive....

Just busy!

We're sponsoring Inspired Blueprints this month ON TOP OF the Online Shop Hop.  So to say life is crazy is an understatement.  

I have managed to get a little scrapping in - but that will be shared later.  I will have more things finished this weekend and then I can do the 'big reveal'.

What else?

Been sitting on the couch watching the Kings get off to an amazing start.  Currently waiting another 2 long days before the next game.  They're in New York this week and its killing me that I'm not there to see them.  One day, I'm going to plan a trip to New York around the Kings road trip.  Oh and the  last time they had a record this good?  1992-93.  The same year they went to the Finals.  Trying really hard not to get excited about it.  Its still early.

And this little guy.....

is my new Kings buddy.  He watches 'hawky' with mama.  'Wanna play hawky mama'.  I swear I didn't teach him that.  He said it on his own!!!

On a sidenote, it looks like my mother has already been researching Shattucks St. Marys for him.

More on that later too.  I have videos of my little All Star to share.

In other hockey news, 'my' goalie is doing well this season.  Looks like a change of scenery did him some good.  He has a decent coach and goaltending mentor.  So, if he gets to play more than 1 game this season, maybe he can claim that solid #2 position.  But I wouldn't put it past Dave Tippett to made him ride the bench all season long!  

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  1. awww... that's an AWESOME pic of the two of you :)