Friday, May 28, 2010

No do-overs

One of the things about the Hipstamatic app is that you have to compose your shots. There aren't a lot of do-overs. The app takes a minute to 'process' or 'develop' the shot. And its hard to compose. You're looking through a fake lens on the screen of the iPhone.

And then trying to chose which lens and film to use. Thats another blog post. I'm finding I like certain films best. Like the Pistil and Blanko. The Jimmy Lens is another favorite. I need to go through all of my lenses and films and do the same shot over and over using each one so I can print out a sampler.

Lens: Helga Viking
Film: Blanko
Flash: Off

These were taken on one of the first warm afternoons we've had. Warm enough to actually sit outside after school and blow bubbles.

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