Friday, June 18, 2010


Listening my scrappy playlist on iTunes

Eating a homemade egg mc muffiin from the clean eating menu.

Drinking OJ. The one day a week I let myself drink it.

Wearing My pug pajamas.

Reading New York by Edward Rutherford

Feeling rushed. I have a meeting at 10 and I'm procrastinating. Should be working on updating spreadsheets, not my blog.

Wanting to crawl back into bed. June gloom is in full effect here and it makes me want to scrap or sleep all day.

Needing about 3 more hours in a day. Don't all mothers?

Thinking about crossing a few things off my To Do list

Enjoying the fact that I have 8 more hours to get everything done before I pick Nick up at school for the weekend.

Wondering if I'll be able to get everything finished for Fathers Day BEFORE Fathers Day.

Scrapping with some new papers


  1. this is wonderful. honest and i can so relate to a few :) i am enjoying reading your blog today... was waiting for the dt reveal and was able to take a peek :)