Monday, June 28, 2010

From techie girl to scrapper

Almost 4 years ago, I got my 90 day notice at Capital One Auto. I worked in the IT department. I made the decision there to make the switch from techie girl to creative girl.

I had thought about opening my own scrapbook store for a while and when an announcement went out on some message boards I belonged too saying that a local online store was for sale, I jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately, while trying to investigate and get paperwork together, I lost out. Two other women purchased the online store which left me at a crossroads.

I could either:

start my own store or look for a job.

And then I found out I was pregnant. Technically unemployed and pregnant doesn't look so hot on a resume.

So I jumped right in. I got my license and tax id. I did everything. I went from techie girl to business owner overnight. (And you know what? I'm so glad I got my own store because its mine. I started from scratch and built this place.)

I bought a shopping cart and hired a web designer.

I bought product and 'hired' a design team.

I was no longer techie girl. I pay Michelle for that! What a relief to be able to create instead of fix things.

So when I started getting reports of Norton saying my site was unsafe, I went into Techie Girl mode again. I pulled out the IT hat and went to work. Side by side with Michelle.

She's awesome by the way so if you ever need anything done.....

We finally pinpoint the problem with the help of Norton and now we need to fix it. Don't worry, the site itself is safe. Stupid Norton doesn't like Google Analytics.

So I had to reconfigure my Google Analytics and remove it from the Gallery page. In the process, poor Michelle learns there is a recent upgrade for the gallery software and she installs it for me.

What we didn't realize was that this upgrade would pretty much erase any setting I had in place before.

The new software is amazing though. SO much easier to configure - if you can find everything you need.

So, a week later and everything has been backed up, restored, cleaned and configured. But we're still working on the configure part.

Techie Girl needs a refresher course!

I feel like one of my end users calling in with a problem. I feel like I know nothing. So Michelle and I are working together at night to resolve the issues with the new gallery.

Banned users, images not showing up and other small issues.

So for a while, I'm Techie Girl again.

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