Friday, September 24, 2010

Last creative post of the week and last chance to win.....

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Just a few more projects today.  My focus is now Halloween so for the next few weeks you'll see Halloween ideas posted here.  My son is totally in love with Halloween.  When we walk through the store, he wants to stop at look at the decoration section.

This year, we decided to invite everyone over for dinner that night and let them help Nick celebrate the day.  Last year we had a few people over (grandparents mostly) and he LOVED showing off his costume and the candy he collected.  We only hit a few houses because he didn't have the concept down.  When people answered the door he just walked right in.  They all thought it was funny.

This year he knows what to do.  He's going to be Buzz Lightyear and save the Galaxy from the evil Emperer Zurg (Rascal).

Back to the party.  I bought a few magazines at the bookstore that had a ton of ideas for baking, decorating and more.  I'm now making a Halloween idea book (more on that next week).  I'm putting all of the ideas in there that I really like.  I'm including Fall/Thanksgiving ideas too.  I'll be putting a Christmas one together too.

The first thing I did was make a long list of things I wanted to accomplish.  I used my iPhone to keep track of ideas as they came to or I saw them.  I'll work on everything as the month goes by so that I have a box full of fun when the party day arrives!

First - Invites!

I LOVED Martha Stewarts mask invites from last season.  I have some Echo Park papers picked out for this one.  And that Drippy Goo punch (can't find that?  I can special order any Martha punch for you.  Drop me an email.)

My invites will be made from the Echo Park paper while the Masks will be a combination of Echo Park and Graphic 45 Halloween in Wonderland.

I downloaded the template for the mask on and started cutting.  I used black cardstock for a template.

First, cut the template out of paper and trace it onto black cardstock.  The cardstock acts as a support for the mask AND it hides the ugly end of the stick.  Just sandwich the bamboo skewer  between the papers.

Next, cut out items from the paper.  I used various small characters from the playing card paper.

To decorate, I used clear glimmer mist (These are available from every mist company.  Tattered Angels, Shimmerz, Maya Road etc).  Just to give it a little shimmer.  I painted with the new paints from Shimmerz and Smooch.

Final result?

Some really cute masks for the guests.  These will not be mailed with the invites but will be on display for guests to choose from when they arrive.

For the men, spiderweb mustaches.

Next week look for pictures of invites and the guys mustaches!
ETA:  Just saw that Echo Park is hosting a Halloween contest.  Click HERE for details.


  1. Those masks are amazing - what a great idea!

  2. love the idea of a Halloween idea book with recipes,art and custumes!

  3. Just love thi line and what you did with it!!

  4. Oooooh! Cool masks! I love how organized you are - planning so far ahead and making lists! I'm sure your son will have a very memorable Halloween!

  5. this is such a creative idea!! I just ordered the 8x8 graphic45 halloween in wonderland!! I CAN'T WAIT TO USE IT!!

  6. WOWZERS! You creations are amazing!!

  7. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your masks!!! I love G45's Halloween paper. Fabulous choice!!!!!

  8. these look wonderful - have an awesome party