Monday, September 27, 2010

She's traveling {again}

When I started this blog, my husband and I were travelers.  We went everywhere.  All over the US and Canada and even Europe.

I still love Europe and it will always be my favorite place.

Now, with Mr. Fussy Pants in tow, we don't travel as much and they are easy trips.  He's getting better and we figure the more he goes with us, the better he'll be in a few years.

This is just a quick trip to Las Vegas to see my boys play.  Its an annual tradition for us.  A bunch of diehard fans make the trip by car, bus an plane to see the two teams play every year and its always a LOT of fun.  Even though its a preseason game, the atmosphere is always that of a playoff game.

See last years post.  And 2007.  Yes, that was the REAL Neil Diamond.  And that stein of beer IS the same size as my son.

One of these days, we're taking him to Germany to eat in the REAL Hofbrauhaus.  He's going to be a true German baby!

So this year.....

Its more quiet.  We stay off the strip at a timeshare - the family friendly way to do Vegas.  We'll take Nick to the Strip to see the lights because he'll think it Christmas.  The M&M store and to see the lions before the game at MGM.

The fans usually line up along the food court, just outside the entrance to the arena and chant things as players and Avs fans walk by.

Just to see how much fun we have:

Photos from 2009

I am hoping to get some crafty time in during the 5 days we'll be gone so look for some fun stuff when I get back - or during the week!

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