Monday, October 18, 2010

Vegas Recap

A mixture of camera photos and Hipstamatic prints from the iPhone.

On the way...

We took Nick to the Strip the first night to show him all the lights.  He thought it looked like Christmas.  Yeah, Christmas with half naked women all over the place.  He didn't seem to notice.
He did want to ride every tram we saw and see every show we passed.  We finally pulled over and stopped to see the pirate show at Treasure Island.

Treasure Island is apparently now TI and the pirate show is a little PG 13 now.  So much for that.  Now they have these women called the Sirens of TI.  They are scantily clad (ready to fall off rags) that take a pirate hostage and his crew come to rescue him.
The crew, still a bunch of nasty sailors are led by the most gorgeous man.  Captain Mac.  I wish I had a better lens because Mac was so much better up close and when he took his shirt off.......well I'd had to much to drink from my margarita by the yard and I was ready to jump into the smelly lake to get him.  Nick usually notices the girls but this time, it was all about the pirates.  Guns, smoke and action.  Thats what he wanted.  I'm very glad we were on the side with the male pirates and he couldn't see the 'grils'. 

It was back to the timeshare to sleep off the margarita and dream of Captain Mac.

Saturday afternoon, we headed out to MGM Grand and the game.  We ran into a little summer storm.  Across the street from the timeshare, there was a pumpkin patch going up.  They might have forgotten to secure the 20 foot in diameter pumpkin balloon.  The winds (strong winds!) picked that sucker up and rolled it right out of there and onto Las Vegas Blvd.

I happened to catch its flight on my phone.

On to the game!  With the winds, came rain.  Hard rain.  And lightning.  I wasn't lucky enough to catch any of that.  I didn't take my good camera to the game - too bulky for this.  It gets crazy in there.  I went armed with my iphone!

A quick stop at the M&M store to pick up some purple, silver and black M&M's for the game.  Someone  one up'd me this year and had custom M&M's printed that said 'Lets Go Kings'.  The GM loved seeing the M&M love though.  He thought that was a cool idea and wanted to know where we got our cool mixtures.  I think he needs to get out more.

Game time!!

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