Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sharing is caring

And I have a lot to share.  Just not right now.

Back from Vegas and I do have a few pictures to share with you.

Got a little time to scrap in the timeshare.  One of the many things about Timeshares that I love.

Saw a hockey game.  Saw a bunch of old friends I haven't seen all summer.

Debuted a second site with classes and instruction for customers.

Went to the home opener for the Kings and met DB Sweeney.  I'm in love with Mr. Sweeney.  I can meet celebrities and I act like a normal person, but there are a few that just make me spazz out.  Mr. Sweeney is one of those.  I almost pee'd my pants when he flashed me that lopsided smile.  *sigh*  And in that spazzy moment, I completely forget that my iphone has a camera function so no picture.

I also have a few more crafty things to share with everyone.  I'm buried in Halloween supplies but I'm just about done.  So now its time to decorate the house with everything I've made and then pull out the Christmas stuff to begin working on cards and more decorations.

Now that life has somewhat settled down, I will post more.

In less than a month, I leave for a 4 day retreat in San Diego that has been a year in the making.  Looking forward to hanging with Cori, Lisa and Bea.

Looking forward to this episode from Glee.

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