Monday, May 16, 2011

Wabba comes from a ballcano......

Recent conversation:
Nick comes down from bed and watching the Ice Age movie.

Nick: Mommy, whats wabba?
Me:  Wha?
Nick: Wabba.  What is it?
Me:  I'm not sure I understand sweetie.
Nick (getting upset with me): Wabba.  What is it?

I made him take me upstairs.  He'd already asked his father and he'd been told the volcano shoots 'lava' (or wabba if you're 3.5).  My half awake husband didn't have it in him to explain more about the 'wabba'.

After we watched the 'wabba' scene multiple times and I explained to him what was going on, he needed to know more about wabba and the 'ballcano'.  That was the night of my sons first Google Search.

Yes, he typed the letters in.  This kid refuses to write letters but if you put him in front of a keyboard, he'll type them.  Geek like his mother?  Maybe.

We ended up watching multiple videos on Youtube of 'ballcanos' erupting. Which led me to some home schooling sites with free printables, crafts and coloring sheets.

I had planned on getting him a volcano kit at the teacher supply store but my parents found a kit on their Panama Canal cruise.

When they got home, we tried it.  Not sure about the formula they said to use as we didn't get any good pyrotechnics but he got the idea.

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