Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The start of Summer, Pinterest, Smash and other musings........

As soon as I saw the Smash book at CHA Winter I had to have it.  I used to make all kinds of journals when I was growing up, mostly out of the composition notebooks.  I used to carefully cut things from magazines (the internet was so new back then) and paste them in.  I used to glue in the dark photos from a fun night out with friends along with a piece of memorabilia from the bar.  (That was in college.)

Then I found scrapbooking and I stopped making those books.  Now we have Pinterest.  Yes, I got sucked into that.  I never caught on to Tumblr but Pinterest caught my eye.  I love it and use it religiously.

Here is a link to my Pinterest.  Please don't laugh.

Finally, the Smash books are here.  It was a long 4 month wait until that cute journal in the corner of the EK Success booth came home.  You see, I don't usually go into the EK Success booth and I had no idea I was standing in it when I first saw this amazing little journal.  I ooh'd and aah'd over it.  I called my mother over to see it and even she thought it was cool.  I called my friends and told them about it.

And then I ordered it.  I ordered a LOT of it.

And now its here.  I've got one of each color.  I love each one and they all have their own personality.

I use one for my paper Pinterest.  Things not found on the internet that I can't easily 'pin'.

Another one I'm using to document our summer.  This is the first time my son will be on 'summer vacation' even though he's going to summer camp three days a week.  He was in pre-school all week long all year long and now its time for summer.  My husband has adjusted his schedule so that he has the same days off Nick does.  We have everything planned.  Beach.  Zoo. Train. Beach. Calgary. Road Trips.  Beach.  Whale Watching.  Harbor cruises.  Beach.  Ice Cream.  Beach.

What better way to document it than with a Smash book?  A quick and easy way to slap the memories in a safe place so that when Fall sneaks up and school starts again, we have a way to look back and remember the fun we had.  Because I know I won't actually scrapbook these pictures until 2014.  They'll get printed and sit in a box.

And the Black Smash.

This year, next month to be exact, I move from my 'early' 30's to my 'mid' thirties.  Mid.  Middle.  Halfway.  Almost halfway to 40.  To help ease me from 34 to 35 I've started a list of 35 things to do before I turn 35.  35 things that I want to accomplish in the 365 days between birthday #34 and #35.  I've enlisted my friends help since some of them consist of girls weekends and hand holding while I finally get that silly tattoo I've always wanted.

And it will all be documented in this.  My Black Smash.  I've written a letter to my older self.  Who knows if I'll read it.  Maybe someday.  Maybe not.  Maybe my son will turn 30 and find my Black Smash and read it.

So for anyone still on the fence about the Smash, just do it.  Buy one.  It will take 5 minutes before you lose yourself in the fun pages and accessories.  I didn't buy a lot of the actual Smash accessories.  I'm using things from my 'stash' and lots of washi tape.

What are you waiting for?  Go get Smashed!

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  1. I'll be there to take pix of the tatoo experience. it will make a great page in the smashbook :) :) :)