Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let's do this!

I have so many photos to share from the trip so I'm breaking them out by days.  I also have a Smash book update to share as well this week.

First, the flight up there.  I'm fascinated with shots from the plane window so please ignore this post if you're not.

Leaving the OC.

Landing in Vancouver.

Vancouver Airport  - I think we're in the goofy smile stage.  Every picture I take of him has the silly grin...

My first stop in Canada?  Tim Hortons.  I needed my Timmy Ho's fix.

Vancouver to Calgary.  I forgot how far north we were so the sunset was late.  This was about 9 pm out the window of the plane.  
And then the clouds cleared as we got closer to Alberta and I saw these.....

The Canadian Rockies.  With snow capped peaks.

Aren't they awesome?  Wait until I show you what they look like from the ground!  Sunset over Calgary.  We landed about 9:45 and it was still light out.