Monday, September 3, 2012

Body Art

I finally got around to making a page about my tattoo.  I got this back in June when the Kings won the Cup.  This is not something I normally do but I did it.

The last time the Kings were this close to winning the Cup was 1993.  I was in high school and definitely not old enough to get a tattoo. But a friend and I both said if they won, we were going to get a tattoo as soon as we turned 18.

The Kings lost.  No tattoo's.  Fast forward 19 years and the Kings won it all.  Right before my 35th birthday.  If you follow the sport, you know the Kings are annual failures.  They jump out of the gate and wow everyone but my February, they are usually circling the drain.  Or, they start off slow and pick up the pace towards the end.  Then they might make the first round, sneaking in at #8 or they miss it by mere points.  This year was one of those years.  The West was so close that anything could happen - and it did.  The squeaked by in the 8th seed missing a higher seed by mere points (thanks to the San Jose Sharks and a little dirty move in the final minutes of a game.)

It all worked out in the end because the #8 team ended up upsetting every team they faced in both Conferences.  This all coincided with my 35th Birthday.  I had promised myself a tattoo regardless.  So when they won, I had no excuse.  I *had* to do it.  My mom thought I was a wuss and wouldn't go through with it.  Normally I am a wuss but I sucked it up this time.

I stuck with a theme of red and black.  It matched the pictures and just seemed like the right combo for this one.

The background paper is Amy Tan.  Flowers were cut out from more Amy Tan papers.  I added some red embossing powder to bits of the flowers.  And a tab of the black chevron ribbon.


  1. Love the chevron, really makes the photos pop!

  2. Those cut flowers are the perfect accent! Love the color scheme!