Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Online classes

I started signing up for a few classes here and there.  Nothing to committed since I don't have the free time to really participate.  I love self-paced classes.

I signed up for Studio Calico's Summer Stamp School in June and loved it.  Then I signed up for Jen Jockisch's Pop Off the Page class.

Since the content is in pdf format and there are a ton of detailed photos I decided to use the resources at the office to print the book out.  I added in a little binding too.  Love that the classes are all contained in the perfect book format.  And the free printables?  I used our best paper to print these out.

Interested in making your own class book?  Visit a Fedex Office near you and ask for the frosted cover and black vinyl back.  I printed my pdf's on our 32 lb bright white paper.