Saturday, October 20, 2012


I'm such a bad blogger these days.  I have a stack of projects that I'm waiting to share with you but I need daylight.  My work hours increased and that means I'm rarely home.  I leave before the sun is up and I'm home way after its dark.  Its a good transition for me and one I didn't think would happen this quickly.  It did and now I'm dealing with being thrown into the fire.  My mind is racing most nights so I've been crafting more and more.  The 'insomnia' I suffer from is hard to deal with most days.  I want to sleep more but it just doesn't happen.  My mom said this was her first symptom of menopause.  Yay.

Here is a small project I've been working on.  More to come next week!

Its time for Halloween.  I love this time of year.  We have two Halloween parties this month and I'm knee deep  in projects for both.

Our home party will be early this year to accommodate my dad's travel schedule and the other will be on Halloween at N's school.  His class parties are always a blast and this year, I am the Room Mom.  I've got two other moms who love the party planning/crafty process as much as I do and we've got a great party planned.

In an effort to get everything done and not have it all piling up on me at the last minute, I've started crafting.  I have my Pinterest boards burning the midnight oil this week.

One of the crafts I've been working on are the goodie bags for the party.  I love these bags.  I have so much fun shopping, stuffing and decorating these bags for the various holidays.

I used some kraft window bags I found on Etsy, Echo Park Chillingsworth Manor, Halloween twine and flair.