Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meeting Stanley

Last week, I had the chance to meet Stanley.  I've been a huge fan of Stanley since my family told me who he was.  See, he's kind of old but he's very popular.  He has a lot of fans and there are people who would do anything to spend just a few seconds with him.

I've met him before but it wasn't as special as our meeting last week.

See, Stanley just got back from Montreal where he had some names tattoo'd on him.  These are the names of some guys I love spending time with.  We hang out three or four times a week during the hockey season.

Right about now, we'd all be getting together to celebrate their big win and hang up this silly banner in their house but with the lockout, we haven't been able to hang out.

I'm hoping that changes.

But my good friend Stanley came by our local rink last week for a visit.   I took Nick to meet him for the first time and he was impressed.  I wouldn't let him touch Stanley because its bad luck for a player to touch him before he wins him.  My son immediately responded with 'Oh, I'm gonna win him!'  Almost brought tears to my eyes.

 With my best friend.  We've been friends since Freshman year in High School and fans of this team forever.
 My Mom and Grandfather.

Excuse my bad hair day but it was extremely hot and I was keeping an overactive 5 year old in check for about an hour.  Wish Stanley would have come down for a visit after shorty had hockey practice.


  1. That's awesome, I would love to see the Stanley Cup

  2. So happy you got to meet Stanley, teehee.
    I am not a hockey fan....yes I should be kicked out of this country, lol.
    I didn't know that about touching it is bad luck to a future player.