Monday, November 5, 2012

My cool kid

My husbands friend drove this bike out from Texas to attend some biker convention here in So Cal.  N was fascinated with the loud bikes and was lucky enough to get to sit on one long enough for me to grab a couple of pictures.  

I take so many pictures with my iPhone these days and I forget about them.  Then, I get bored and go through the gallery and find little gems like this one.


  1. That's some cool little guy! :D Love the photos! Those will make a great layout when you scrap them.

  2. looks fun!! i use myiphone all the time!

  3. Cute pics. Ahhh, finally a good reason for me NOT to have an iphone! lol. I'd never be able to handle another picture source!

  4. Cute photos!
    Love the large photo on the layout in your post below.
    Great layouts :)