Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Room Mom

A part of me still can't believe I took on the role of Room Mom for my sons class.  There really isn't a lot to do but there are things to organize.  Parties and gifts for the teacher are two.

My son's teacher has a Birthday coming up in early December which means I'm 'begging' for money for this AND the holiday gift.

The PSG (Parent Support Group) came up with an idea this year to give each teacher a blank sheet of paper with lists on it.  They had to write in their favorites for everything (food, restaurant, store, sports etc).  So I have a great list to go off of for present buying.

I had to have a way for the parents to pass their money off to me without the teacher knowing.  We have cubbies and folders but only the teacher is allowed to leave items in there.  So I made this:

Thanks to the mom that walked into my office the other day and had this idea.  She took a regular manilla envelope and covered it with patterned paper that she'd typed 'Ms. ******'s Room Mom Folder'.  Then she laminated it, cut the slit open and hung it up.  I loved the idea so much I made my own.

The papers I used are from Fancy Pants Off To School line from last year.  I only have pieces left.


  1. I'm a room mom too! This envelope is a great idea. TFS!

  2. What a great idea! This sure would've come in handy when I was a room mom.

  3. This is a great idea. Laura.