Thursday, December 13, 2012

A few more elf


We've been trying to enjoy the little family time we have together these days.  The other night we went out looking at Christmas lights.  There is a local house that goes all out.  The outside is completely covered in lights and the inside is a maze of tiny villages.

 This house has the lights timed to a radio station.  Its pretty cool.
 Inside the big house with villages.
 Their upside down tree.
 The Disneyland village.

 All of the rippled stuff is styrofoam.  She carves it  to look like snow and then sprays it with glitter.  It looks really cool in person.

 The Whoville/Grinch village.
 Of course, he was fascinated by the train in this village.
A parting shot of the Grinch.
 Junior tried out for the Junior Kings last week.  He's the tiny guy in the white jersey.  He did really well and will be part of the program starting in January.  VERY excited about this.
 Rascal's holiday attire.
 Checking to see if he's right or left handed.  Daddy wants to get him some golf clubs for Christmas.
He rode his bike in the local holiday parade with the school.  He was pretty excited to decorate his bike and ride it through town.

Not much crafting going on this month.  Between work and the holidays, I've lost all desire to touch anything in my craft room.  I am keeping up with picture printing for the December Daily.  I've got a few days finished that I need to share.


  1. totally loving your elf-- ours had a a marshemello fight with darth vader last night!! LOL!!

  2. what a beautiful decorated house. lovely photo of the junior king! Have a good holiday with lots of family activities.

  3. Oh my goodness that house is amazing. So cool that you were able to go inside of it :)