Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday Party

Since I'm room mom this year, I am in charge of the class parties.

I decided on a reindeer party this year.  With N's recent obsession with reindeer it was only appropriate.

I searched Pinterest of course and came up with some really simple ideas.

First, the Pin the Nose on Rudolph game.

I saw a very simple one on Pinterest and decided to make it better.  I tried the Silhouette store first but they were having issues (LOTS of issues) so I turned to Kerri Bradford.  She had a great set for $10.

I loaded into the Silhouette software and did the trace and cut thing to get this.  That lovely woodgrain is from the Studio Calico holiday line.  I love it so much I bought 12 sheets of it.  After cutting it out, I took the necessary pieces for the game and adhered them to a white piece of paper.  Then I took that to work, scanned it in high res and printed it out at 300%.  Rudolphs head was now 24 inches long.  I love working where I do because I have so many great resources available.

 After cutting him out, he looks like this.  I used the fabulous chevron ribbon from the store and a jingle bell we found in our decorations.  I glued the magnetic strips to the back of his 'beak' area.

 I found these large pom pom's at Michaels and adhered magnetic strips to the back.  These will now 'stick' to the beak area.

 You can see the before and after size.

I found a 18x28 foam core board at work and covered it with the wrapping paper.  Glued Rudolph to that and the game was ready.  I was so busy setting up today that I forgot to get a picture of the finished product WITH the noses.  Trust me, it looked awesome. 
 As for the rest of the party, it was a hit!  Reindeer everything.  Plates, cups, water bottles, sandwiches......
 See?  CUTE!

 I even found these blinking noses at Michaels on clearance.  Each kid got one.
 And one for the school director.  She said I was the only parent she would do this for.  :0
 One of the other moms makes natural cookies.  She has recipes for gluten free and sugar free cookies.  She also makes her own 'sugar' sprinkles.  She grinds up dried fruit really fine.  The kids think its sugar sprinkles but its really ground up strawberries, blueberries, mango etc.  We don't feel as guilty letting the kids go to town on something like this and adding a few m&m's when the rest of it isn't so bad.  Plus the kids love decorating their own cookies.  She made girl cookies for the girls and boy cookies for the boys.
 I just love this face!!!
Hope you get some ideas out of this for your next party!


  1. This is just to cute! Love pin the nose on rudolph!

  2. Super cute ideas!
    I will have to keep in mind for next year. :)

  3. That is a super fun idea! Love the Rudolph noses!

  4. love the big rudolph!