Sunday, December 1, 2013


Where did October go?  No, really.  Where did it go?

I thought I had a firm grip on things and then the next thing I knew my kid was dragging me through the dark streets of our neighborhood begging for treats.

And now Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Ack!

Our move is looming as well.  Inspections are done. Checks are written.  Escrow papers signed.  Now... we wait.  Escrow is a long process and it sucks.  We do not have a date *yet* as to when we close but their goal is sometime right before Thanksgiving.  I would love to get the move over with because December is very busy for my company.  I work for Fedex and December is all about shipping.

I will be exhausted for most of the month but I managed to get the week off between Christmas and New Years so I will be enjoying some time off after the rush.  I'm looking forward to settling into the new place more during that week and maybe, just maybe, I'll have the scrapbook supplies unpacked and there will be a little time for that.

For now, here is a recap of October in (unedited) photos.

 Introducing, your newest Fedex employee.  One of the drivers at work got N this hat.  He's been playing Fedex man for 2 weeks now.
 Rascal turned 13!
 We had our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Carving Party.
 N made the cupcakes.

 7 layer dip
 Spider dip
 Fall snack mix (popcorn, candy corn, M&M's, pretzels and Halloween marshmallows)
 Halloween punch with a zombie face.
 My dad was in charge of cleaning all pumpkins out.  I bought him the super scooper which is the best tool ever.
 Everyone hard at work.
 He completed his own this year and did an amazing job!

 The second one from the left is N's, the one with the sickle sticking out.

 N won the contest (of course!)
 My little skeleton.  He's growing up.  This year we transitioned from cute costume to scary one.
Trunk or treat at the school.

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