Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I'm the instant gratification type of person.  I don't like to wait, I don't like surprises.  You know Christmas was hard for me as a kid right?  My mom used to have the best hiding places for my presents.  I wasn't allowed in our garage once and I swore I was getting a mini fridge for my bedroom.  I swore.  So when the really expensive white wicker bookshelf showed up, I was pretty bummed.  Don't get me wrong, I loved that bookshelf and it held all of my precious books, but man, I wanted that mini fridge.

I had to wait until I got to college for one of those suckers.  It was my prized possession for 4 years.

Anyway, the waiting part.  So right now, I'm waiting on my house.  We thought we'd be moved in and partially settled at this point in the month but we're still waiting.  Underwriting was a bear to deal with (if you're in underwriting, I'm sorry) and then escrow.  I will say that my husband and I have dropped some serious 4 letter words in the past few weeks.  Every time they ask us for something new or have a question on something so dang obvious, it make me so mad I could spit nails.

The day after.  I scheduled that week off a long time ago but it was to relax.  Now I'll be moving.  The sad part is, we were given the green light about 6 times by underwriting (grrrrr) and we started packing.  I figured the first and easiest place would by my craft room.  First packed, first unpacked, right?  Wink Wink.

No.  Its all still packed.  That washi tape I need for that last minute project for school?  Packed.  My mist?  Packed.  December Daily materials?  Packed.  Grrrrrr.

I actually unpacked two boxes last weekend because I couldn't stand it anymore.  I actually unpacked before the move.  With all the stress I haven't felt much like crafting but the bug hit and I had to do something.

I threw together this simple tag.  Our elf has been quite active this month and I've got the pictures ready to go.  Tonight he brought a tree.  A small tree.  I wasn't up to anything more and I really don't have the room since the house is full of boxes!  I contemplated building a box tree.  You know, stacked boxes in the shape of a tree.  Yeah.  I'm sad.  I was going to put a string of lights around it too.  

Features a stamp from the Kelly Purkey set from SSS and flair from a {flair} for buttons.  There are a ton of new sets in the shop to chose from.  I've got a few sets ready for the DD book when it goes together.


  1. what a cute idea with the tree and the tag is adorable

  2. I'm sorry to hear your move has been so frustrating and difficult. Hopefully you'll be settled in soon and all of the frustration will be but a memory (maybe on a scrapbook page though, LOL!) :)

  3. So sorry to hear about all the frustrations with moving house! Super cute tag and it would look just as festive on a gift next to a box tree! Lights and all! :)

  4. Sorry your house is taking so long, hope it happens for you soon. Love that your elf got you a tree. :)

  5. I have to say buying a house is nothing like buying a never goes fast. Sounds like you finally are moved in and hopefully those boxes will get unpack before too long. The tag is cute, I love your idea of stacking boxes and stringing least take a picutre to scrap about it later.

  6. Hahaha...the stacked-box tree would be funny, lights all around. Cute tag...and great idea.

  7. Just popped over from 2 Peas. You had me at "flair".