Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Desk

Since we moved I've been using a temporary desk.  A folding table actually.  It was supposed to be until I found room and a way to set up my old desk in the new room.  I don't think I even have pictures of my old room.  It was an open loft in our house and the desk itself was 8 feet long.

The folding table was good enough until I started reorganizing and wishing I had some kind of desk storage.  I saw a post on 2 Peas last week about desks from Ikea and the Vika one was mentioned.  I made my husband go to Ikea with me last weekend to check these out.  Its a design your own desk setup which I loved!

I chose the legs for one side and the 5 drawer set for the other side.  Just enough space to hold the latest embellishments.  I have a problem keeping stuff together in my current setup.

 My Target desk.  Just for desktop space and the space underneath.
 My roller date stamps that I never use but *had* to have.
My twine and punch storage.  The twine used to be on the Expedit to the left but I got a new toy for the top of that, so the twine moved over.

 My wood veneer storage.  I've added sets but these are my basics.  The little cups are from Crate and Barrell.
 My new toy.  Michaels put these on sale in January at 70% off and then I had a coupon for 15% off my purchase including sale items.  At that price I couldn't let this one go.  It now holds my washi tape, mists and my tea lights. I wrap washi around them to use as table decorations for holidays.   I bought the 100 pack from Ikea so I keep them close.  Oh and those little jars are from Michaels.  They hold my growing sequin collection.

 My calendar.  Mr. February - Drew Doughty.
My flair holder.  I had to move them from the cool margarita glass to this.  My collection is growing AND I need to be able to find things by theme.  I can't dump them all out on my table to sort through every time I need one.  So there is a drawer for holidays, stars/hearts/ Project Life etc.  Much easier to get too.

All of this organization means I'm cleaning out again.  I've got boxes of stuff to list for sale so keep an eye on my Flickr account for new listings.  I've sold almost half of the paper packs I listed last month and now I'm moving on to the embellishments and other random stuff.  I've got the remains of a Studio Calico December Daily and Project Life kits to add to the growing list.


  1. Ooohhh, gorgeous scrap space!! I love your storage solutions.

  2. Great new desk! I am so jealous of all the IKEA furniture. Now that I'm back in Orlando I actually have an IKEA nearby but the condo I'm renting is too small to buy new storage/desks/shelves. I have to save up for when I buy a house again and have the room again! Love your bowls of wood veneer and what an awesome deal on the M's cabinet! :)

  3. WoW-ZeR!!! Love your set up and that desk is fab right in front of the window!!

  4. This looks so organized and beautiful, I'm totally impressed! I also bought that cabinet from Michaels, but ended up displaying cards on them as I don't like my supplies out.

  5. So colourful and organised. Love the new desk. Ali x

  6. Looks great!! That desk looks nice & roomy!

  7. Lots of great storage!
    I love the washi and flair storage.
    But especially the wood veneer bowls.
    I have been eying those at C&B :)

  8. Great space...and HOLY WASHI!! Fantastic desk - seems like a large surface...hmmm, lol - Don't you love it when it all comes together! I am just putting the finishing touches on my room!

  9. This looks amazing! I love your line-up of mists and all that washi, I'm so jealous! I also like the wood veneers in little bowls, though I couldn't store mine like that as the kids would tip them everywhere! x

  10. love your new desk and the washi tape storage!