Monday, February 18, 2013

The Frozen North

Well, it wasn't as frozen as *I* would have liked but it was still colder than at home.

N got to skate outside for the first time and we thought he'd never get tired!  He finally said he was tired and got off.  My mom's cousin lives in a community that freezes their park over in the winter making it the perfect winter wonderland.  There is a gazebo with strings of lights and music pumped in.  Of course, they have an actual hockey rink right next to it but the best part is the concrete walkways are frozen over and you can actually skate through the park.

I'm sorry, but that is such a novelty to a 5 year old from sunny So Cal and his winter loving mother.

We were only up there for 4 days but it was enough to find as many outdoor rinks as we could and let him skate.

My cousins skated with N just like they did last January.  This year though, N gave them a run for their money.

 They were racing in that shot above.  I love that I caught them in the same position.  Its so cute!

This place is awesome and I wish we had something like it at home.

I took some videos too.  A freak storm came out of nowhere while we were there.  Pretty cool for that So Cal boy to witness that!


  1. looks like he is really enjoying it, how fun. we had some snow and ice skating here as well, but now it's all gone , the kids had a lot of fun and were skating each day after school.

  2. Awesome photos. It's not unusual for people to build a temporary ice rink in their back yard during the winter. Unfortunately, snow ruins the ice (as my neighbor's have learned).

  3. Looks like so much fun!
    I've never been ice skating but I want to give it a try someday.