Monday, October 7, 2013

A Hockey Filled Weekend

The first weekend in September was officially dubbed 'Hockey Weekend'.  Fall Hockey started at the local rink.  Nick was excited to be back 'home' instead of driving up to LA for hockey.  He misses the Jr. Kings coaches but he's glad to be closer to home.  As much as *I* enjoyed having him learn from some of the best, its nicer on my gas tank as well.

That was Saturday morning.  Then we headed over to Hockey Monkey to shop and check out Bauer Days.  Everything Bauer was 10% off and N had over $100 in gift certificates to spend.  Instead of toys for his birthday, we told everyone he needed new hockey equipment.  Slowly, we replaced every piece so he's good for at least a year.

Bauer Days meant the Kings and Ducks organizations were in attendance as well.

We tested out new sticks.  He has a knack for picking out the most expensive ones too.  I didn't even know hockey sticks cost in excess of $100.  There was one for over $500.  Now, that puppy better score the goals for him at that price!  Since he just got a brand new stick, I let him get one of the sale sticks.  It was $29 + 10% off.

 We paid and headed outside where he proceeded to continue playing hockey.  Everyone there was impressed and kept asking how old he was.
 One of the guys taught him how to bounce the ball on the blade of his stick.  He's trying.
 A little street hockey.
 Then it was back inside to get the stick cut down and taped.

 Then, our whole reason for even being there showed up.  The Kings mascot Bailey had tweeted at the last minute that he would be there.  He showed up almost an hour late which was fine.  N was exhausted at this point.  We got our lion hug and went home to rest.
Then, Sunday was the BIG day.  This boy was so excited for Sunday.  It was Hockeyfest.   It was a kickoff to the LA Kings season.  All the players and management were there and they had activities all over the arena.  You could interview players and coaches, get autographs etc.  This year, they opened up the ice.  Ticketholders could actually SKATE on Staples Center Ice.  I promised N he could skate and we lugged his skates up there.  I had no idea it would be so popular and neither did the team.

We ended up waiting in the skating line for OVER 3 hours.  We won't even get into the gory details of that experience but lets just say he was over tired from the day before, we had gotten up early to get to this event, the food was minimal, excitement levels were at an all time high and the promise of what was to come lingered in the air.  At one point, my friend and I had made up our minds to leave.  It just wasn't in the plan for us to skate obviously.  And then the line moved and it was our turn.  They did this  in groups and we were the very last group of the day.  He had his skates on before anyone else and rushed to the front of the line.  The guy running it saw him and whispered to me to let him go.

Of course I was confused.  We'd waited in so many lines that day and now this guy was saying we didn't have to wait.  Go ahead and hit the ice.

N heard that and took off.  I fumbled with iPhone and DSLR in hand trying to make sure I captured this moment.

 My son. Alone on Staples Center Ice.  Not many people get the chance to say they've done this.  maybe skate on it, yes, but all alone?  He had it to himself for about 5 minutes.  Then the rest of the people showed up.

In the penalty box.  Thats my best friend Brian.  My husband had to work and since he's not much of a hockey fan, we usually tag along with Brian when we do stuff like this.
 At center ice.  The logo is horrible.

 On the players bench.
 Brian brought along a mini Stanley Cup.  N got the idea at one point to carry the Cup around.  Now, he looks a LOT like the Kings captain Dustin Brown.  He was wearing his Brown jersey.  And carrying a cup.  There were a *few* Kings fans who might have stumbled when they saw him skating by.  Cameras and phones came out and pictures/videos were taken.  Perfect strangers were following my kid around.
And I know there is a certain St. Louis Blues fan that reads my blog.  I will apologize now for the extended celebration.  When you win, you'll understand why we're still celebrating 2 years later.  ;)
 The line outside to get into the event.
 Brian and Nick on the ice.
 This one is horribly blurry but the joy on his face is captured here.
 My friend Brian at center ice.
 No words for this one.

 And the same guy who let us on early was also the same one who let him be the *very* last one off the ice as well.
Seriously.  One day I might have a picture like this of him all grown up.

I have way too many awesome photos from this day.  I resized them to 3x4 and converted to Black and White.  My orders is on its way from Persnickety Prints so look for a mini album soon!


  1. What a great weekend full of awesome photos! I can just see the joy on his face. Great blog. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Great photos! Looks like you had a great day and your son was certainly a happy camper. Can't wait to see the mini album.